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Loan. I just can't get it why I always get denied by big lending companies whenever I'd apply for a loan when I'm very much qualified; except maybe for the age.

I'm applying again, for plastics and monthly interest rates; and I'm tired of photocopying my ITR, payslips, IDs and COEs. Oh well, try and try until you die.

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  • amia

    have you tried the pag-ibig loan or SSS loan?

  • Edcel

    mia: onga pala. i need to update my records. i think 3 years na ako sa sss. 🙂

  • Waaahhh ako try pud nya ko sa Chinatrust parehas ka doi doi doi. Samok lang dghan requirements woi.

  • Meige

    I have a loan with Chinatrust at pinag sisihan ko talaga. I’ll be paying 3030 per month for 18 long months. I’m half way through at talagang dissapointed ako, if you’ll be late in paying your monthly amortization you’ll have a penalty of 2980+ parang na times two yung monthly amortization mo, kakaloka! Why not try GEMoney Bank I’ve reviewed their sites and their loan offers and their way better than CT. But well, for my loan with CT I was able to buy a refrigerator and an air purifier for my baby.

  • Ed

    wena: gud luck! hehe

    meige: ha, I can’t apply at China Trust pa because I haven’t reached the minimum age requirement. lol. At least you’re almost there. Thanks for giving me the heads up about the penalty. My loan will be used for business. 🙂

    Eds last blog post..update update

  • Meige

    eds if you don’t mind me asking … san call center ka nagtatrabaho 😀

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