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Bacolod 3: Lakawon Island
Sunday, April 26, 2008
Last day. Lakawon island.

This was the day of the visit I was anticipating because we were going to the beach (again? haha). Woke up early and ate breakfast. Good thing we had a ride available to bring us to the place. It took around an hour for us to get to the place so we can ride a pump boat to the island. It would've taken a longer time if we commuted. Was happy when we finally stepped on some sand already. The place reminded me of Moalboal, but they just have a lot of activities for you to enjoy because the water isn't deep. Kayak, banana boat, skim board, speedboat (which was exclusive, so as they say), volleyball, etc. Too bad we were not able to savor the sun as much as I wanted because it rained most of the time.

But we were able to catch some rays though. When we left Lakawon island, we arrived at Circle Inn at around 6pm. Ate at Manokan Country again, and just let the time pass as I went home around 1:15am the next day. I took the bus to go back to Cebu. Departed at 1:15am and got to Cebu at around 9:15am. 8 hours… wow, I could’ve finished a day’s worth of work in that span of time. I don't know how many sitting sleeping (or sleeping sitting???) positions I had but it didn't matter as I was dead-tired when I woke up and reported to work at 12noon.

Thanks to Doi and Audrey for the lodge and the food! oh the fare also! hehe.

lakawon island bacolod bus
going to Lakawon island

bacolod city 
old houses

lakawon rates

bacolod beach going to lakawon
to the pump boat for Lakawon

all wet from the rain

lakawon island bacolod
25 minute boat ride

bacolod lakawon island sand bacolod island
Lakawon island!

lakawon island rain
still raining

bacolod lakawon island bacolod
volley, rest

 lakawon bacolod bacolod sandbar

lakawon island sand
our hut

kayak bacolod bacolod kayak


island bacolok boat banana boat bacolod
banana boats

bacolod port sand bacolod
last look of Lakawon  

bacolod trees
going back to Circle Inn

manokan country
at Manokan country again

aida bacolod manokan aida chicken

bacolod chicken
last pic

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12 comments… add one
  • Nix

    Daghan na kaayo ka places na adto. When will you pluck up the courage to go to Dumaguete… Hehehe…

    I wonder when you’ll run out of excuses.

    Uban ta. La…

  • Edcel

    haha, im running out of excuses already nix! hehe


  • You have wonderful website with the beautiful scenery,I wish I could visit that place one day

  • Edcel

    Berry, thanks for visiting, appreciate you dropping a comment. 🙂

  • an

    is there a place to stay there? im traveling to bacolod this december and id like to stay on the island rather than the city

  • Edcel

    An: yeah there are places to stay there. I forgot about the rates though but you can try to check on of the pictures I took which has the label “prices”. Better yet, you can click on this link: http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y181/edcelito/blog%20entries/?action=view&current=P4273487.jpg

    There are cottages where you can spend the night over in Lakawon Island. Hope this helps. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  • bai ang budget, ang budget..hehehepila imo nabayad? kk

    • Edcel

      dili ko kasure bai kay libre man gud amo transportation ug halos tanan nalibrehan ko. hehe sorry. sorry

  • I really find it ironic that I haven’t explored Lakawon Island that I grew up in Cadiz City. I’ve been to a lot of places in the country but haven’t glanced the beauty of my own City.
    I am thankful of this page because it awakens my senses. I can’t wait to go home and visit Lakawon Island..

    • Edcel

      glad that you were able to check your place out thru my page. it’s really ironic too, i guess we’re still taking things easy since we know these places are within our reach. i haven’t even explored all the places in cebu either.

  • eys

    hmmm so ur with cvg? i recognize jaysu and dennis. =)

  • Sa March 26 magro-Road Trip kami dyan sa Lacawon Island..

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