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You might’ve thought that after my bungy jumping experience in Macau, I wouldn’t dare do anything extreme for awhile. However, when I visited Kuala Lumpur a month after our Hong Kong trip, I was able to do another bungee jump at Sunway Lagoon in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I don’t really have any wishes to die early but blame it on my adventurous personality when the opportunity presented itself to me. This time I got to dip my head in water which was another treat.

October 17, 2010
Sunway Lagoon, Petaling Jaya
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

bungee jumping malaysia

We were at the Sunway Lagoon theme park when I saw a banner of their bungy jump attraction. I was excited but I didn’t really go crazy about it since the bungee in Macau already put my pockets to rest for quite a while. I thought that it would cost me an arm again. Upon further inquiry, I was really hyped since I realized that it’s not as expensive as I thought.

bungee jump malaysia
still smiling and waving

Others might think that the height of the jump is already a piece of cake for me considering that I already did the world’s highest bungy at 233 meters. However, I was trembling more during this jump because I had more time to think. At 21 meters, it’s still not something you can just easily shrug off.

The Extreme Park is just one part of the overall theme park attractions in Sunway Lagoon. They also have a Scream Park, Water Park, Amusement Park and Wildlife Park – surely you won’t be able to finish the rides in a day! Guess which one was my favorite?

extreme park malaysia
Extreme Park in Sunway Lagoon!

Price Rate of the Bungy Jump
130 MYR – around 1,820 Php (at 14 conversion rate)

The price was still expensive because most of my savings were spent during our trip in Hong Kong and Macau but I just had to do it. At least we had the fortune of taking pictures and recording the jump on video without any added expense.

price bungy sunway lagoon kuala lumpur
price list 66kg

I’m so glad and thankful to Jao and Cindy for documenting the whole scene as well as for keeping up with my behavior in doing this bungee. I forgot to bring my board shorts so pardon the skimpy clothing. By the way, No need to comment on the obvious. hehe.

sunway lagoon bridge pedestrian bridge
with Jao and Cindy at the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge.

When I was on the edge, my hands were really shaking and I was having difficulty standing straight. I had more time to contemplate and it wasn’t done in a rush. However, I got more nervous here because I was still going to free-fall and just the thought of pushing yourself was still scary.

All the while, Final Destination movies were racing through my head; making me think of the worst that could happen. What if the rope breaks or what if I choke myself to death because of the cord wrapping itself around my neck after I bounce back. So I jumped again…

kuala lumpur malaysia bungy
almost there

and I dipped my head in the water. The feeling was still exhilarating; this is, after all, head first. It went so fast I forgot to cover my nose and ears fearing that liquid would get inside.

After all the stress, I realized that the water was what I needed to refresh myself and snap me out of all the worrying. After I bounced back, I enjoyed the moment.

jump bungy kuala lumpur bungy
bounce back and forth

I kept bouncing back and forth. When it was over, I was hoisted down to a boat raft with another staff removing the cord attached to me.

The staff told me that AJHackett (the guys behind the Macau Tower Bungy) is a consultant in the operation of this attraction to ensure the safety and security of this extreme activity. However, they were not included in the list of the seven AJHackett sites because they haven’t reached the minimum height requirement of the jump.

Check out the video here. By the way, I don’t know what the staff were talking about while I was down below. I hope somebody could translate it to check if I was being made fun of or not. hehe

Ed Bungy Jumps in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

I was all smiles after this jump. I don’t think I might do a bungee jump any time soon, but if ever I might have another chance, I’ll still go for it. I doubt if I can keep my nerves altogether though.

100 MYR – Entrance to Sunway Lagoon
130 MYR – Bungy Experience
*1 MYR is equivalent to 14 Php


I would’ve wanted to try the G-Force X wherein you will be catapulted up to 120 km per hour, in 2 seconds rising to the height of 65 meters. This is also known as a reverse bungee wherein you’ll be thrown away like a slingshot. However, they needed two people to ride this one and my companions were not willing enough to volunteer. Oh well, probably next time. 😀

gForce malaysia
G Force X – Reverse Bungy

Read about my first bungy jumping experience from the world’s highest platform here.

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  • doi

    "I forgot to bring my board shorts so pardon the skimpy clothing." – (LOL)
    way to go ed! 2 bungy jumps in a quarter, a great way to close 2010 too. 🙂

  • Ang adik. I think I cannot do it baka my heart will stop! 🙂

  • DAM

    And I thought it'll take time for you to do this again. Hehe. Pretty brave. I can never do that. Hehe. Good Job!

  • Ang tapang mo! Clap clap clap!! 🙂 I was supposed to say nga na since you already tried it in Macau, sisiw nalang siguro yan sayo. Hindi din pala. Pero very good! Galing! 🙂

  • hobby?! 0_o
    1 jump is all it takes pala para mawala lahat ng takot no? see now, wala ng hesitations.
    actually yan ang tanong ko last time, may entrance pa ba sa Sunway kung magbungee lang.. just aked that before, as if im going to jump. hehe

  • Wow, that's way cheaper than Macau Bungee, I wouldn't mind doing it again here in KL, you get another bonus of water dippping 🙂 

  • iba ka! di ko pa kaya yan. inom na lang ako beer sa baba! he he 🙂

  • Wow! Bungy jumping again. Napag isip isip ko, gagawin ko din ito given a chance pero sa mababa lang muna ako magstart. Hahaha.

  • Now that's something I can afford! Weee!

  • Edcel

    @doi: "No need to comment on the obvious." hehe 

    @lilliane: haha, that's what my companions also said when I wanted to bungy jump again. hehe 

    @DAM: haha me too, i thought it would take me a longer time but i just had to do it!

    @dyanie: di pa rin, kakatakot pa rin. the hardest part is always when you're about to jump.

    @chyng: haha, recreation lang. hahaha. yeah, there's still an entrance that you have to pay kasi you get access sa theme park din.

    @claire: yeah, dipping my head in water was actually the main factor which made me want to do it again!

    @jerik: haha, bibili ako ng Chang sa BKK on my trip there next week!

    @luis: haha, try this one in KL, it's a definitely shorter! 😀

    @gay: go go go!!!! bungee na!

  • Grabe, ang tapang mo! 😀 pati reverse bungee gusto mo.  wooow. bow.
    hindi ba masakit sa likod mag bungee? Parang gusto ko pero kinakabahan ako. 😛

  • Ibang klase talaga ang wewewewait moments mo hahaha 😛 Tapang mo talaga wala akong masabi! Look at the hotel hahaha :))

  • Ikaw na talaga ang adventurous!
    And that's not skimpy at all! I am almost always caught dead wearing shorter boxers during my trips. Halatang laging hindi ready. Wahahaha.
    siguro the only time na papayag ako mag-bungee is kapag binigyan muna ako ng sleeping pills. Hahahaha.

  • Wow!!! I wan't give bungee jump in Macau a try. Eds let me know when you go skydiving so we can go together. That's my greatest adventure dream…

  • Edcel

    @smarla: haha. i wanted to try both while I was there. No, it doesn't hurt because the challenge is more on psyching yourself up. You should try it!

    @mica: haha, another wewewait moment indeed! will wait for yours!

    @robbie: haha, it's really short already for me. ok lang kung walang picture pero andito na eh. hehe.

    @philip: is there skydiving here in Cebu? I'm wondering where. I also want to skydive!

  • I agree with what Dam said. Even I got scared with your bungee jumping video on the right, but you immediately tried it again. I've always wanted to do it din. 🙂

    • Edcel

      @will: haha. you should! it’s crazy but definitely worth it!

  • naalala ko ang comment ko nung 1st time ko mapanood ang vid sa facebook. haha
    nxt time tlaga pag natuloy ako hahanapin ko yan. 🙂

  • Edcel

    @gael: haha, wag na yung first comment. buti na lang other people are too shy to mention it. haha

  • We will go here in June thanks for the Post…  very helpful.. I am an avid reader of your blog.. keep going extreme

  • soloflightEd

    @bhety: thanks a lot bhety@ enjoy Malaysia! 😀

  • justhelpingout

    you: MALAYSIAAAAA!!!!!!
    staff 1: woohooooo!!!
    staff 2: his legs are shivering
    staff 3: *i couldnt really understand this part but he agrees and added by saying, your legs are shaking like crazy"
    staff 2: looks painful
    staff 1: that time, the tension hasnt start yet <— i dont know what he meant by tension here.
    staff X: girls…..girls….
    staff 2: press this one…..the quickest…..the quickest
    it is not really accurate because the conversation isnt really clear but rest assured that they are not making fun of you…..they just talking about your shivering legs before the jump.

  • soloflightEd

    @justhelpingout: ey thanks a lot! this got me worried for a second! I really appreciate the effort! 😀

  • hello
    i did my fist exprience bunjee in malasia.im a 28 iranian girl.i reallr  enjoyed and i want to do it again in the future .

  • hourirh: haha. you should try the one in Macau!

  • Travelleray

    Looks like you had a blast in KL, would love to try Bungy Jumping in my December trip to KL. I am going solo and hope to enjoy to the fullest with co-travelers I connected with on http://www.mingletrips.com Its a cool new platform and you can also join in and venture into KL in their company

    • @travelleray: had a blast but I wanted to stay longer! thanks for sharing the link! will check it out cause I’m planning to go to KL next year! 😀

  • ge

    napakauseful ng blogs mu, isa rin akong di mapakali at di mapirmi sa bahay at gus2ng gus2 gumala!! may fear of heights ako, but with your blog conquering the highest bungy jump in macau like it is just a piece of cake, wohooo want to try it!! more blogs and more post!! apir!!

  • mummy me

    would u know the minimum height requirement for the bungee jump? my 10 yr old son would really love to try it kaya lang yun lan pupuntahan namin dun. baka masayang oras kung di xia iallow. he’s 10 but only 135cm tall. i tried to email sunway lagoon but got no reply. thanx

  • Bitter Heart

    I can help you translate what the guys were talking about.. 

    Guy A: His legs are shaking..

    Guy B: Don't laugh at others.. You also were shaking..

    I can't really make out what's the next conversation is about.. Something like 'it must be hurt..'

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