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Hong Kong

Hong Kong Trip: Airphil Express Cebu to Hong Kong Inaugural Flight

victoria harbor

I hurriedly clocked out from work in order to head home and pack my things. At 3:30 in the morning, I was still figuring out what to bring for a 6-day retreat abroad. I was invited to a free trip from Cebu to Hong Kong by Airphil Express (formerly known as Air Philippines). This airline [...]

Hong Kong Rewind: My Second Time

So I just got back home from my Cebu to Hong Kong flight courtesy of Airphil Express. I was planning to write random stories between the six-day vacation but whenever I got back to the place we stayed for the night, I’d usually doze off, tired from the daily activities. So in true blue backlog [...]

Cebu to Hong Kong Flight Courtesy of Airphil Express

Note: This post was drafted and the blog owner is already in Hong Kong for the second time around. In an unexpected turn of events, I suddenly had to go through a pile of maps inside a brown envelope I kept and familiarize myself with the MTR. I’ll be going on a sponsored trip for [...]

How to Travel to 4 Countries and 8 Local Destinations within 8 Months

and still keep your full-time job! In one of my blog articles last month, I discussed how I was able to travel to 4 countries within 4 months and still maintained my full-time job in a BPO company. I’m writing this entry as a second part of that blog post. Seldom do people know that [...]

One Vacation after Another

You just came from a long vacation and now you’re leaving again? The expression on his face was priceless. There was no need to answer as I understood that it was a rhetorical question. I just had to smile to eliminate the moment of silence between his eyes and my smirk. Hong Kong – Macau [...]

How to Travel to Four Countries Within Four Months

…and still maintain your full-time job. No, I didn’t take my job with me when traveling in those months but I filed for vacation leaves in between. From October of last year to January of this year, I visited four countries within four months; all of which happened in different times. It was no easy [...]

2010 Highlights: A Year-Ender Blog Post

2010 in general, has been a blast for me. Although there were times where I got lost figuratively, it’s always nice to look back at the positive things that happened. This has actually been my mantra every time the year ends. I can’t remember everything but what I do to recall memories is browse through [...]

Tips and Things to Know about Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the first country that I’ve been to outside the Philippines. So you can imagine how excited we were to step on foreign soil. We booked a flight for 1200 Php thru Cebu Pacific’s Piso Fare promo and it took us a almost a year to prepare for the trip. Hongkong busy Here’s [...]

Hong Kong: Modern Toilet Restaurant in Mongkok

UPDATE: One of my blog readers said that this Modern Toilet branch in Mongkok is already closed. I was also surprised to hear the news. However, I believe that there is another branch of this concept restaurant in Causeway Bay. In Hong Kong, most of our time spent eating were composed of hanging out in [...]

Total Budget Expense in Our Hongkong and Macau Trips

I wanted to tally up the total costs and expenses of our trip to Hongkong so I can help out other people who are scouting for resources online on the approximate budget if they want to go to the places I’ve been. So here I am, after two months, counting numbers and costs. After adding [...]

Hong Kong Trip: Hong Kong to Cebu

The last day of our trip. Our flight wouldn’t be until 12:45am the next day so that meant we had to be at the airport before that time. Since this was our last day, we did some more shopping on items that a couple of colleagues requested for us to buy. Check out time at [...]

Hong Kong Trip: Victoria Peak

September 06, 2010 Hong Kong Trip Day 5: Victoria Peak Part two of our Day 5 in Hong Kong, we went to Victoria Peak and I wasn’t really sure what’s there as we just relied on Cindy to tell us that it’s a great tourist attraction especially at night. Boy was I foolish to just [...]

Hong Kong Trip: Ocean Park

September 06, 2010 Hong Kong Trip Day 5: Ocean Park This was our second to the last day in Hong Kong and we planned on going to Ocean Park for it. We already bought tickets ahead through Ate Yolly the other day. It was convenient for us because we didn’t have to wait in line [...]

Hong Kong Trip: Citygate Outlets and Disneyland

September 5, 2010 Hong Kong Trip Day 4: City Gate Outlets and Disney Land We woke up late because of our trip yesterday in Macau. We covered a lot of areas and despite having to walk for four days straight already, we still had a couple more tourist spots in Hong Kong to check out. [...]