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Seeing Gold & Blue at the Venetian Hotel in Macau

One of the places that left me in awe when I visited Macau two years ago was the Venetian Hotel. This was a great start of our sight-seeing tour since it was a gloomy day and I was feeling down under the weather. Venetian Macao ceiling I didn’t expect much about this hotel. It seemed [...]

Things to Do If I Go Back to Macau

As I was scanning through old photos in my laptop’s hard drive, I came across an album of my Macau trip 2 years ago. This was the first time I stepped foot on international soil and because of this, I realized that I could go to different places if I really wanted to. Anyway, looking [...]

How to Travel to 4 Countries and 8 Local Destinations within 8 Months

and still keep your full-time job! In one of my blog articles last month, I discussed how I was able to travel to 4 countries within 4 months and still maintained my full-time job in a BPO company. I’m writing this entry as a second part of that blog post. Seldom do people know that [...]

One Vacation after Another

You just came from a long vacation and now you’re leaving again? The expression on his face was priceless. There was no need to answer as I understood that it was a rhetorical question. I just had to smile to eliminate the moment of silence between his eyes and my smirk. Hong Kong – Macau [...]

How to Travel to Four Countries Within Four Months

…and still maintain your full-time job. No, I didn’t take my job with me when traveling in those months but I filed for vacation leaves in between. From October of last year to January of this year, I visited four countries within four months; all of which happened in different times. It was no easy [...]

2010 Highlights: A Year-Ender Blog Post

2010 in general, has been a blast for me. Although there were times where I got lost figuratively, it’s always nice to look back at the positive things that happened. This has actually been my mantra every time the year ends. I can’t remember everything but what I do to recall memories is browse through [...]

Thoughts and Tips on My Trip to Macau

I wanted to write some entries on my thoughts and tips of a particular destination I’ve been. I’m starting it off with Macau as we only spent a day there; which means I have lesser thoughts, hehe. I can’t really call this a Guide, but you may pick up some notes and tidbits that you [...]

Total Budget Expense in Our Hongkong and Macau Trips

I wanted to tally up the total costs and expenses of our trip to Hongkong so I can help out other people who are scouting for resources online on the approximate budget if they want to go to the places I’ve been. So here I am, after two months, counting numbers and costs. After adding [...]

Macau Side Trip: Macau Tower and Fisherman’s Wharf

September 4, 2010 Macau Side Trip: Bungy Jump at Macau Tower and Fisherman’s Wharf This is the last part of our side trip to Macau when we traveled to Hong Kong for a vacation. Definitely this was the highlight of the whole event because of the opportunity to bungy jump from the world’s highest bungee! [...]

Macau Side Trip: Prosperity Tree and Dragon Show at Wynn Hotel

After the Senado Square and Ruins of Saint Paul, we proceeded to the Wynn Hotel to catch the Prosperity Tree and the Dragon Show. My feet were actually itching to go to the Macau Tower already because of w anting to check out the activities they offered such as the Bungy Jump adventure. However, Ate [...]

Macau Side Trip: Senado Square and Ruins of St. Paul

This is part 2 of our day trip to Macau. I decided to divide this side trip into four parts because of so many places we explored. I already have a number of travel posts that my site is clogging up on my server’s bandwidth and I have to work on the backend in order [...]

Macau Side Trip: Venetian Hotel, City of Dreams, Grand Lisboa

September 04, 2010 Macau Side Trip: Venetian Hotel, City of Dreams, Grand Lisboa A tour around Macau’s Hotel Casinos. I’m having a hard time separating this entry as there’s just so many places in Macau that we visited even if we spent it only for a day. That’s why I’m probably going to have to [...]

My Bungy Jumping Experience at the Macau Tower

“Has anybody died from bungy jumping here?” – I had to bluntly ask the attendant at the lobby of the Macau Tower. “No sir, if there had been an accident, all of our AJ Hackett locations would’ve closed down.” – I liked the frank response. It’s been 10 days after I bungy jumped from the [...]

soloflightEd bungy jumps from Macau Tower!

Just got back to the Hostel in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hongkong from a day tour in Macau. It’s been a tiring day and I was really amazed at the casinos and buildings in Macau. I didn’t expect it to be really amazing. But I had an even better time when I was able to cheat [...]