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JoEd’s Lutong Hapon: Affordable Japanese Food in Cebu

Craving for some CHEAP Japanese food here in Cebu? I suggest you try JoEd’s Lutong Hapon in Mabolo. I first read about this small eatery on Carla’s blog which was also what an office colleague also mentioned in random. I was able to check a thread of this store in a local forum on how [...]

Philippine Blog Awards 2010 Travel Category

I received another email from the Philippine Blog Awards team saying that I was chosen as a finalist of the Travel Category for the Main Division. I was surprised again because I did not expect to be part of a list of very notable bloggers. I mean this blog used to be just a personal [...]

Rocks at Guisi Beach, Guimaras Island

I’ve developed a relationship with rocks during my short stay in Guisi beach in Guimaras Island. No, I haven’t gone psycho but I was feeling all adventurous when I climbed and felt good when I reached the top. It was our last day of our five-day trip in Iloilo but we had to check out [...]

Beach Escape in UP Miag-ao

You want to take a break from your homework, school projects or even from your professor? Most students chill in hangout places for booze or rest under a shade of a tree. City ones go to malls and watch the latest movie flick or get some ice cold treat from the nearest vendors inside the [...]

Villa Igang Pigeons in Guimaras

Villa Igang Beach Resort Nueva Valencia, Guimaras Island Pigeons, I saw a flock of them while we were having lunch at the Villa Igang Resort during our trip in Guimaras. Rude as it might sound, I stared at these creatures, took my camera and started shooting. pigeons I wasn’t done eating but because I was [...]

Big Red Ants and Cogongrass in the Island of Guimaras

Just spent half of the day in Guimaras Island. It was a blast! I joined Doi and Edwin for this sidetrip since the affair that we were attending (Visayas Blog Summit & Philippine Blog Awards 2010 – Visayas Leg) won’t be happening until the next day. Guimaras Island November 26, 2010 I didn’t know that [...]

Sands of Bantayan Island Cebu

Reminiscing one of the best beaches which is located at the Northern part of Cebu. Sugar Beach Bantayan Island, Cebu I’ve only been to Bantayan once. I remember spending only 1,200 Php inclusive of fare, cottage and food for a 3D 2N package. It was a very good deal because I joined a group of [...]

Visayas Blog Summit and Philippine Blog Awards Visayas

I am bound for Iloilo! I already plotted my schedule at work and I was initially wondering how I was going to file for leave. But I’m glad that it’s all set and I’ll be flying on Thursday. I was able to visit Iloilo 10 years ago but that wouldn’t label it as a vacation. [...]

Cebu Red Ribbon Crispy Chicken, Choco Fudge Cake and Black Forest

Pardon my ignorance but I thought Red Ribbon was only limited to cakes, pastries and some pastas. I know my older brother always ordered their Palabok platter whenever a special occasion arises. Little did I know that they also have rice meals available to whet the appetite of the Filipino eater. Red Ribbon menu at [...]

Cebu Zugboi Roasted Liempo and Roasted Chicken

If you’re in Cebu and you’re craving for some roasted liempo, I suggest you check out Zugboi Roasted Liempo and Roasted Chicken. Zugboi Roasted Liempo and Roasted Chicken is owned and managed by Chef Alvin Kwan who earned his Culinary Arts diploma in Singapore. I arrived early and while I was waiting for my friends, [...]

Seair and Microtel Boracay Bloggers Tour

September 11-13, 2010 Two days after my birthday, I had the privilege of joining a group of bloggers to spend three days and two nights in Boracay. I was chosen as one of the winners of Seair and Microtel’s Boracay Blogger’s Tour. I published an entry on why I deserved to be part of the [...]

SEAIR & Microtel Boracay Bloggers’ Tour Winners!

I won a free trip to Boracay through the SEAIR & Microtel Boracay Bloggers’ Tour promo! Some time last week, I wrote my entry about why I deserve a trip to the ultimate beach destination in the Philippines – Boracay. It took me about 4 hours to publish the entry because of having to go [...]

Bohol and back to Cebu

The trip to Bohol was great. Although among the 16 people who confirmed, only 10 joined, I still had fun. I’m actually a bit groggy from the travel and I haven’t gotten enough sleep so I’m posting some pictures of the places I’ve been to in Bohol. Will be posting more in the coming days [...]

I’ve been to Different Places, But I’ve never been to Boracay

never been to boracay

I have a friend who kept on going to Boracay as if it’s just a regular destination. She said that since I’m a travel blogger, I should feature Boracay in my blog one of these days. I said I would if I could. Boracay, as they always say, is the ultimate destination for adventure and [...]