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The Lost Bag of Oatiekin Bars from Tsokolat Bakeshop in Dumaguete City

UPDATE: The Tsokolat store sign might not be there, but you can still get these oatiekin bars. It's not on display anymore but just ask the employee in the shop if you want some. For orders, contact Francine at 09178639443. November of 2009, I spent a week in Dumaguete City in order to learn online jobs. It was a [...]

Cambodia Trip: A Guide to Eating Cheap Khmer Food in Siem Reap

During our stay in Siem Reap, we mostly ate on the streets and nearby eateries. Because of having a limited budget, food is one of the things we had to compromise when eating in Cambodia. We spent 3 days and 2 nights there but we did not starve ourselves during that trip. However, we didn't [...]

Selling Tumbler’s Homemade Ice Cream last Sinulog 2011

I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures last Sinulog 2011 because I was busy selling homemade ice cream; even if it was raining! Last year (Sinulog 2010 blog article), I took part on the street parade and took a number of photos which was a blast because I got to practice my skills [...]

Confessions of a First-Time Balut Eater

“You’ve never eaten balut?” – people were asking in unison as if I’ve committed a crime and were waiting for me to explain myself. But I didn’t know how to respond in defense. Rather than coming up with a lame excuse, I surrendered in admission. I confess, I’m a Filipino but I’ve never eaten balut. [...]

JoEd’s Lutong Hapon: Affordable Japanese Food in Cebu

Craving for some CHEAP Japanese food here in Cebu? I suggest you try JoEd’s Lutong Hapon in Mabolo. I first read about this small eatery on Carla's blog which was also what an office colleague also mentioned in random. I was able to check a thread of this store in a local forum on how [...]

Cebu Red Ribbon Crispy Chicken, Choco Fudge Cake and Black Forest

Pardon my ignorance but I thought Red Ribbon was only limited to cakes, pastries and some pastas. I know my older brother always ordered their Palabok platter whenever a special occasion arises. Little did I know that they also have rice meals available to whet the appetite of the Filipino eater. Red Ribbon menu at [...]

Cebu Zugboi Roasted Liempo and Roasted Chicken

If you're in Cebu and you’re craving for some roasted liempo, I suggest you check out Zugboi Roasted Liempo and Roasted Chicken. Zugboi Roasted Liempo and Roasted Chicken is owned and managed by Chef Alvin Kwan who earned his Culinary Arts diploma in Singapore. I arrived early and while I was waiting for my friends, [...]

CoffeeCat in Cebu Asiatown IT Park

CoffeeCat Ground Floor of EBloc Tower Building Asiatown IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City One weekend, Doi and I decided to visit Cebu’s newest coffee shop, Coffeecat in Asiatown IT Park, in order to check out their coffee and yogurt offerings. We wanted a place to hang out and finish our freelance jobs as we still [...]

Chilling at Coffee Cat in Asiatown IT Park

Enjoying some food at CoffeeCat at the Asiatown IT Park. This is a new cafe that just opened and I later realized that this new wifi Cafe in Cebu originated in my hometown which is in Davao City. They branched out to the Cebu market which is actually a great move. Will blog more about [...]

Coffeecat Opens in Cebu

Coffeecat cafe will be opening in the eBloc Tower building in Asiatown IT Park, Cebu. The name sounds new to me and I plan on visiting the shop when I drop by over the weekend to see what the place offers. At least now I have another place to hang out while enjoying a cup [...]

Green Leaf Kitchen: Cherry’s Home Cookin’

Been helping out my next-door neighbor with her cooking. Colleagues were requesting for her services to come up with some dishes that they picked from a magazine for mother’s day. Green Leaf Kitchen is a home project which I believe will prosper since Cherry (the cook) loves to prepare food. Because of this, I get [...]

Hebrews: my little wifi corner in Asiatown IT Park

Hebrews is a wifi haven! IT Park is turning out to be a haven for wifi surfers. Given that it’s an IT zone, the whole place should have internet connection available. Because it would still be costly, there are only a few establishments that offer wifi service, One of the normal days where I usually [...]

Familia Restaurant at the Imperial Palace

This is the continuation of the Imperial Palace Weekend post in Mactan last November 28, 2009. Because of being too tired from all the walking and sliding and picture-taking and checking out the different parts of the waterpark, we were already tired that at 7pm, we were already hungry and ready to attack the buffet [...]

Mabolo Shawarma

Shawarma at Mabolo I was accompanied by Doi and Audrey as we were scouting for a second-hand table and chair for me to place my laptop in the boarding house. We went Sen Ryu in Talamban and Barracks in Archbishop Reyes but we checked that the furniture were expensive. I soon got tired and we [...]