Chasing the Sun

I recently realized how a lot of people go to other countries for a holiday because they can’t experience summer in their place at the time. Just like two weeks ago, I saw so many tourists in Bali, Indonesia. I was also there to lounge at the beach and just relax; a couple of times I went to the waves to practice surfing.

How we wish that we can just control the sun. But since we can’t, we can chase it wherever it is high up; that is if money’s no big issue.

dreamland bali
Dreamland Beach in Bali, Indonesia

In my case, I don’t normally take the weather into great consideration whenever I travel. I usually just book a flight and and deal with it as I arrive at my destination. I’m a little lucky because most of the time, the weather is on my side. *knocking on wood*

magpupungko beach siargao
Magpupungko Beach, Siargao

A big fan of beaches, it’s always nice to go to an island for some sun and sand. Like going to an all inclusive holidays to tenerife where I won’t have to worry about budget as much. It would be great to experience a long vacation too. Besides, if you are out of the country, you’d most likely want to splurge to experience relaxing days off. Why scrimp when you’re already at the destination? I won’t mind getting a massage in one of these Canary Islands spas. I haven’t been to Tenerife so pampering myself in this place would be a memorable experience altogether.

malapascua cebu
Malapascua Island, Cebu

Or if money’s pretty tight, grabbing a beer or a smoothie is already enough and you can just sit on the beach and talk with friends under trees that serve as your shade.

isla reta davao
Isla Reta, Davao

I’ve always thought about chasing the snow, but since I’m not yet able to go to other countries to experience this climate, the sun does just fine. Now that I’m currently staying in Dungun, Malaysia, I might as well make the most of my time off by exploring other parts of this state. I plan to do other activities while I can.

Dungun, Malaysia

PS: My home country has been experiencing a lot of rain the past few days that flood is all over the news. They say that it’s even worse than last year’s flood. I hope everybody’s well and that we’ll recover from this fast.

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5 thoughts on “Chasing the Sun”

  1. Na-realize ko lang yung importance ng sun nung nasa UK ako. Nakakadepress kasi sanay ako na from time to time, nakikita ko ang sunset. Iba talaga.
    Gaano katagal ka dyan sa Dungun and how far is that from Penang or KL?

  2. Nice photos Eds and sa akin, material consideration ko ung weather as I hated to go out on trip on a rainy day. I, like those you mentioned here will continue to chase for the sun wherever I am. 
    Amping bai. I love the malapascua photo. Awesome 


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