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yesterday, we transferred to another location here… for the nth
time!!! about 10 or 12 kilometers from work…. (shit!)…. finished
unloading the stuffs yesterday, with still a lot to be arranged.

today.. woke up at 4:30 am… i had to be early for work since the
ride is a little longer. i also paid 10 pesos fot the fare (before it
was just 5 pesos!!! stupid fare hike!!!)….

it’s officially my first day on ‘hands on’ duty… spent 4 hours
assisting in the incoming stocks, and doing back-up in the fry
station… been marinading chicken. both the original recipe chicken
and the hot and crispy. and repacking them again. well, it sure is
different being in the backstage… and preparing the food for
cooking… it was the first time i actually held raw chicken in my
hands!!! hehe…

well, one change being here at kfc is we actually get to eat their
chicken during break time! (alright!). coz the previous jollibee
outlet i worked was a franchise and our food weren’t the actual

anyways… in the middle of marinading the chicken, the phone rang. i
was the operator in my previous work, and since i was near it, i
answered it. and to my dismay… it was a call for delivery! i had
trouble at first since i didn’t know the products we were selling and
they’re actual prices!!! got a little problem with that, but
fortunately, the customer was gentle.

went home at 4:00 pm and slept until 8… woke up again to eat and
went to ayala and bought a ballpen. and some batteries for our alarm
clock… i asked the cashier on what was the difference between the
black and the blue-colored batteries with the same brand. since the
black ones were more expensive. she didn’t know and asked the bagger
about it… and the bagger replied

bagger: ang color alangan! (the color! obviously.)

that got me really pissed off… i ended up buying the black one…
does anyone out there know the difference between the two batteries??
aside from the color???

went strolling for a while inside the mall, being faced with closed
stores except for a few… went up to the center at the 4th floor,
looking at the big fountain filled with coins, and some kids down
there trying to get some it into their pockets… i thought of making
a wish and tossing a coin but decided not to…. went out where the
heavy rain pouring… got a little wet while trying to find a cafe to
blog about this and checking my mail. no messages from friends.
they’re probably busy.

after this, have to do something first to kill the time… gonna get
back to the store at 12:00 midnight for our General Meeting…
probably finish at 3:00 at dawn. must do something again… since i
can’t go home right away… i have to pass through a gate before
walking home. gate closes at 10:00 pm and opens at 5:00 am… (so
convenient!!! just what i need in my busy life!!!) and have to sleep
again and wake up early for duty after a few hours…

the song’s stuck in my head… what’s the title of this again??

there it goes. up in the sky. there it goes. beyond the clouds. for no
reason why.
i can’t cry hard enough. no i can’t cry hard enough, for anyone to hear me.

posted Monday, 28 June 2004

CNBGirl made this comment,
in order of ‘power’ (dunno the actual term): blue, black, gold. if
it’s only for an alarm clock, ok na yung blue. but if you will use it
for a discman which needs more ‘power’ better use the black or the
gold batteries.
btw, pano gumawa ng gravy? pede mo akong turuan? 🙂

comment added :: 29th June 2004, 11:04 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
haha yan tuloy, it’s stuck in my head too.

comment added :: 29th June 2004, 15:55 GMT+08
nicole made this comment,
oh no! familiar ang song, kalimutan ko yung title and like amia it’s
stuck in my head na rin lol
take care!

comment added :: 1st July 2004, 07:47 GMT+08
luthien made this comment,
it’s “can’t cry hard enough” that was played to death back in 1992. gawd.

the blue batteries has lower power or amps or whatever. good for alarm
clocks only. go for the black ones if you’re gonna use them for remote

comment added :: 9th July 2004, 00:07 GMT+08

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