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Shawarma at Mabolo

I was accompanied by Doi and Audrey as we were scouting for a second-hand table and chair for me to place my laptop in the boarding house. We went Sen Ryu in Talamban and Barracks in Archbishop Reyes but we checked that the furniture were expensive. I soon got tired and we went to Leona’s bakeshop  in Mabolo. Beside that was a small store that sold Shawarma.

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I was first introduced to this store during some badminton days when I was still a fresh employee at a BPO company. I joined a couple of badminton buddies to eat in the middle of the night at this store. The Shawarma wasn’t that great but the way you would form the pita into a cone and fill it with the sizzling meat sauce with the spices makes the whole meal better.

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The Shawarma place in Mabolo is located just in front of the San Carlos Seminary where it’s very visible especially when the traffic is heavy. Usually the best time would be at night but we didn’t want to wait and just opted to still eat outside where it’s cooler. 

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The sizzling Shawarma meat is filled with spices and an egg wherein you have to mix them altogether. You will be given some pita bread cut into four so you can make a cone (that’s how I was told it was done).

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We had the official photo op just to document the process of eating the shawarma in Mabolo.

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After mixing the ingredients, you can then put some filling on the cone-formed pita and then put some white and chili sauce on it for you to devour.

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Somehow, the food wasn’t as good as I expected. It had more spices than the meat. When I tasted it, it was more tomatoes and onions than ground beef.


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