Macau Side Trip: Prosperity Tree and Dragon Show at Wynn Hotel

After the Senado Square and Ruins of Saint Paul, we proceeded to the Wynn Hotel to catch the Prosperity Tree and the Dragon Show. My feet were actually itching to go to the Macau Tower already because of w anting to check out the activities they offered such as the Bungy Jump adventure. However, Ate Eva said that we should check out the shows first as they’re all free.

September 4, 2010
Macau Side Trip: Prosperity Tree and Dragon Show at Wynn Hotel

macau prosperiyt tree dragon show
Prosperity Tree Changes to green, Wynn Hotel Dragon Show

macau sights police car, stoplight, Star World Hotel employee

macau people
vehicles and pedestrians

Prosperity Tree Show
Dragon Show

We still kept on walking until we reached the resort. We sat in one of the benches in front of the Fountains of the Performance Lake which is a grand lake in front of the Wynn Resort. I forgot what song they played but during the water fountain presentation.

We took a break and had to stay put and when we had enough energy, we proceeded to the hotel resort to take a leak.

macau wynn hotel
Wynn Hotel Resort Macau

I didn’t know what to expect and I was wondering what type of show Ate Eva meant. We didn’t go to the City of Dreams Bubble show so I was still hesitant on what was going to happen. Only when I watched did I marvel at the ingenuity of the makers of this presentation.

show hotel wynn On the ceiling. designs

Situated in the atrium in one of the wings of the casino is the Tree of Prosperity Show which begins with a 20-meter wide ceiling opens to reveal a screen of abstract designs. A giant chandelier then slowly descends and a copper dome with on the ground floor opens and a tall golden tree ascends. The tree comes up and then rotates with the music.

prosperity tree
prosperity tree on the ground appears

What’s great about the Tree of Prosperity Show is that as it rotates, there’s a play of lights that changes the tree’s color according to the four seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall). You can’t help but marvel at its creativity and showmanship.

Ate Eva told us to wait because after 30 minutes, we were going to witness the Dragon Show on the same platform. Indeed there was another presentation. Only, instead of a tree, a giant dragon structure emerged from the dome on the ground.

dragon show macau
fire simulation from the roof

Smoke emerged from the background and the lights spectacularly lit the dragon which looks like fire was coming out.

Wynn Macau, among many other hotel casino resorts in Macau, offers gaming combined with a deluxe hotel, restaurants, designer shops, spa, and a “Performance Lake” (Wynn Hotel Macau – Wikipedia).

It’s really amazing how these shows were conceptualized – to think that we didn’t have to pay a single cent as they’re all FREE!

ferari macau
Ferrari Store

Biton Biton, Guksi

When we were done, we were ready to go to the Macau Tower. We passed by some designer brand shops as well as a Ferrari store. Only took some pictures outside as it was not permitted to do so inside.

I was excited to do the bungy next.

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11 thoughts on “Macau Side Trip: Prosperity Tree and Dragon Show at Wynn Hotel”

  1. Keep it coming Ed… i really enjoyed reading your blog.  🙂 esp as our family has plans in going to HK and Macau next year..

  2. hi Ed ur I get lots of info frm ur blogs. we'l be going to hngkng on Mar17, i'd like to know if d Bubble show(cty of Dreams hotel) & Prosperity tree(wynn hotel) can be seen d whole day? or only on a specifc time during d day? tnx 😀

    • @charmie: not so sure with the schedule of their shows. but they say it happens every 30 minutes. just not sure until what time it will stop…

  3. hi Ed! I would like to ask if how long was your macau trip. Was it only for a day? morning til night? or you checked-in in a hostel in macau? Thanks!

  4. hi soloflighted.. is wynn hotel walking distance from senado square (Ruins of st. pauls)? 🙂 or if nag bus po kayo ano po bus number? thanks 🙂

  5. hi ed.. just wanna ask kung free tga ng mga shows sa wynn hotel. kasi we're planning to go there in november. may nabasa kasi ako sa ibang site na MOP30 ang entrance to watch those shows. panu kayo nakapasok for free?thanks

  6. @malaine: hi malaine, free kasi yung dalawang shows lang (prosperity tree & dragon) ang free. but they also have a bubble show na may bayad ata. not too sure. it was our guide who was the one who toured us around sna dinformed us na free lang. laking tulong ang guide.


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