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been thinking of something to blog about, but my mind always shifts
from one topic to another… and i can’t decide… so maybe i’ll tell
you how my day went through…

woke up at 8:00 am… after doing my morning necessities, i went to
work, going to work is a 1 hour bumpy and dusty ride, so it’s very…
refreshing!!! (nakakagising….).

reported 10 minutes late (damn, 2nd time)…. i went to get my new set
of uniform first, but still, it’s no excuse. sure got the ‘nagging
therapy’ from my manager, it’s because i wasn’t the only one who’s

supposed to be, i’d be at the counter station, but i was tasked to
clean and arrange the stocks inside the chiller…. spent a freaking
hour and a half inside… so cold, so cold… ice breath, hands numb,
legs trembling, lips pale.. so cold, so cold.. felt like snow with no

after that, just assisted the other counters… lunch time is peak
time… talia (my highschool friend and kfc addict) and her bf, came
and ate. but got no time to talk, i was on-duty… (lol,
nagpapa-impress pa sa inyo)…

punched out at 3:30 pm. went to get my nbi clearance which i waited
for a month… got inside a 15 per hour cafe…. checked some
messages, got one from nix, two from rolica (a good friend), 1 spam
and another yahoo reminder…

after replying, browsed at my past email conversations… i’m a weird
person, aside from not deleting messages from friends, i also save
every outgoing message. that’s why i’m so glad yahoo upgraded their
storage for mail users.

anyway, laughed at the memories recorded, how my emails became
shorter and shorter, and then longer and then shorter… how i wasn’t
satisfied if i couldn’t put a single animated smiley, how i proofread
it many times, and the simple things that make my day brighter than
usual. and now i seem very attached with my account, so many precious
texts. i’m gonna freak out if something bad’s gonna happen to it.

been trying to play the crimson room. thanks to amia, i’m now
frustrated coz i can’t get the fucking code for the vault… (hehe…
lol :-p)… url seems to be wrong or old… help me!!!

gotta go home now, it’s 6:30 pm

by the way, music’s so great!!! now i better go before it’ll stay in
my head for a couple of hours or more….

“jumbo hotdog kaya mo ba ‘to, kaya mo ba ‘to, kaya mo ba ‘to 2x.
hindi kami bato, para magpatalo.” — reminds me of the chat i had at
ym, the darkgreendude, mr. highwayman, and miss sepiamia, yesterday.

the net-freak signing off…

posted Monday, 26 July 2004
nicole made this comment,
lol ako rin i save almost all of my emails! pack rat talaga ang sarap
kasi balik balikan no?

take care!
comment added :: 27th July 2004, 08:24 GMT+08
CNBGirl made this comment,
ako, pagkabasa ko ng email, delete agad except sa mga forwarded mails
na nakakaaliw. 🙂
comment added :: 27th July 2004, 11:44 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
“jumbo hotdog kaya mo ba ‘to, kaya mo ba ‘to, kaya mo ba ‘to 2x.
hindi kami bato, para magpatalo.” — reminds me of the chat i had at
ym, the darkgreendude, mr. highwayman, and miss sepiamia, yesterday.

…lol, how did that figure in our conversation? have a great week boy!

comment added :: 27th July 2004, 21:24 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
hahahaha. may part 2 pa yang crimson room, mas mahirap. gusto mo yung
code dun sa vault? bigay ko! at least umabot ka na sa vault heehehe.

comment added :: 27th July 2004, 22:49 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
Ako naman hilig ko mag delete ng emails. heheh! Sometimes I hit the
delete icon only to cringe from knowing that I wanted to keep that
email! Oh well.:-)

comment added :: 28th July 2004, 10:22 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
me, am the type na delete lahat ng emails especially spam. yung mga
applications sa different webbies will be saved in a folder and
friends’ emails too. ayokong may mga email sa inbox. i hate gubot.

nix [nix@k.ro]
comment added :: 28th July 2004, 15:48 GMT+08
edandhisdarkgreenlife made this comment,
nicole: so true…

cnb: baliktad tayo yung mga forwarded emails ko ang din-delete ko… lol

paul: di, kasi umalis ka nun… tapos amia and i talked about novelty songs..

amia: hehe… kakainis syado!

angel: i see what u mean… hehe..

nix: i hate spam! that’s why i filter my messages… so i’d know that
messages in the inbox are from unknown people or just reminders…
comment added :: 28th July 2004, 20:24 GMT+08

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