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Been going to work a little early than usual but I don’t know how long I can keep this up. It’s nice cause more than the usual, I get to go home early too. Maybe it’s with pressure and commitments that I get to do things in order. If there are no deadlines, I usually don’t cram ad prolong the day, which means staying a few more hours at work without being productive had been a regular occurrence; which is pretty feeble considering that I should get a life outside the office. But it’s already been two days since I was able to really get out of work early. My colleagues had acted a bit surprised why I go home ahead of them when I usually stay a bit more.

I’m actually glad with this sudden mindset of pursuing other opportunities outside. Though I think I’m about to get sick, literally because of the change in my body clock. However, I’m actually used to it already considering that working in a nocturnal industry requires you to stretch your limits when it comes to sleep.

Anyway, the lesson here is that it doesn’t necessarily mean that more hours at work equals more work done. Bosses actually advise their employees to go home after finishing an 8-hour routine since our bodies need to recharge and our senses are damaged if we keep on pushing ourselves when our system can’t take it anymore. 

I resolve to be more productive at work by spending lesser time. This and going to work early to ward me of distractions when there’re too many people inside.

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