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I found a phone after I lost one  but returned the new phone because I found my old one. Confusing? Not really.

In Manila, during one of the trips back to the hotel, I seemed to have lost my Nokia 1100. However on that same day, when I went back to the office, I found a Sony Ericsson W700. At that moment, I felt pressured in a sense that  needed a form of contact since I had to meet up with somebody. After I realized that my old phone was inside my pants in the laundry basket, I figured I should’ve returned the new one. Yeah, I’m too good to be true.

In the end, I went to the owner’s place somewhere in Sampaloc, Manila and then gave back the phone. In return, they gave me something as a reward. I’m just happy that I handed it back cause I don’t want to be placed in the same shoes as them. Although in a sense it’s their fault for losing it in the first place, at least I was able to do a good deed in some way.

My 1100, I know I need to replace it but I still love this baby despite it’s old and tattered look wherein the keypads are already faded and the alarm not ringing anymore. I bought this phone at a pawnshop somewhere in downtown Cebu for 900 bucks only. It served the purpose of calling and texting, plus it has a flashlight on!


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  • doi

    wow! good jab!

  • My Pink Shoelace

    Seriously Eds, you need a new phone!!!

  • Edcel

    wena: haha, i better save up first. hehe

  • Blessed are they who return what’s not theirs 😉

  • Edcel

    sweetkooki: haha. true. true. let karma take its toll.

  • rols

    mabuhay ang 1100!!!!!

  • Edcel

    rols: mabuhay! hehe. i’ll probably get a new one soon. this will suffice for now. 🙂

    Edcels last blog post..laptop issues

  • beejing

    Woot! How noble.

    • Edcel

      beijing: haha, my conscience couldn’t take it. probably because i found my old one. hehe

  • beejing

    lol. you have a conscience? I doubt it. lol.

  • Edcel

    haha. if you doubt it, much more do i. haha

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