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One late evening, Doi and I went out for a quick late-night dinner. I was craving for some Siomai cause it’s been a while since I last had some.

She asked me if I’ve already eaten Siomai sa Tisa, I of course said, YES, there’s one in Fuente. Her eyes turned wide, not believing that I didn’t know that there’s such a place called Tisa and that’s where the siomai craze in Cebu started. So off we drove somewhere in Labangon.

Anyway, Siomai is one of the reasons why I love Cebu. They’re cheap and they taste good; especially on a tired day. People from different walks of life and class status would drop by the place just to have their fill of this food.

Photobucket Photobucket
siomai sa Tisa


Photobucket Photobucket
Siomai 6 pesos per piece



best with puso! and chili sauce

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  • there’s a siomai sa tisa branch just across Fooda in Guadalupe. What really stands out is their chili sauce. I use the pus-o to good use and scrape whatever sauce is left on the plate. Don’t forget to wash it down with some ice cold mountain dew! 🙂

  • Ed

    i haven’t tried the siomai sa tisa in Guadalupe. haha, nothing beats the chili sauce. but i need to have some calamansi to moderate it. suddenly im craving for some more siomai again neste. hehe

  • i’ve got to taste “siomai sa tisa”. maau ra gyud sa storya akong mga kauban. mantiner lang tawn og ho lee chow sa ayala. =D

  • Ed

    you haven’t tried siomai sa tisa lourie? i haven’t tired ho lee chow though. hehe.

  • Lex

    Miss na ni nako bro! hehehe Thanks sa pag visit sa other blog, oh welpz yeah 10 na cla kabuok in fairness excluding the not for general public sites. winkz

  • rols

    wow! siomai, there’s nothing better like it. hail to the one who invented it.hehehe i need like ten siomai to satisfy my tummy….

  • Ed

    lex: haha, it’s been a long while since i last tasted siomai sa tisa lex. hehe. no prob. wow 10 sites! whew. haha

    rols: i can only finish like 5 rols. but i pair it with maybe 7 puso. hehe

  • I usually buy 1:1 ratio siomai and puso. Eat siomai first then follow it up with the whole puso. then go to siomai number 2 and so on and so forth hehehe

  • Ed

    neste: haha. that ratio wouldn’t work for me neste, especially since I need some more puso to equalize it’s taste, not to mention the spice of the chili sauce. hehe

  • Wa pa gyud tawn. Sige lang ko maglaway sa storya from friends who’ve eaten there. Nah naglaway na gani ko ron just thinking about the chili sauce…yummy! Hehe!

  • Ed

    lourie: haha. me too, especially late at nights.

  • doi

    lourie, I would recommend you taste the real “Siomai sa Tisa.” The one in Labangon. Nothing compares to the freshness of the siomais there. The siomai wrappers in Fuente are probably dry and u can taste the meat not being fresh na…The one in Labangon is open from 4pm to the wee hours of the morning if i’m not mistaken…hehehe… (or until they ran out of siomais. sometimes they ran out of puso at dawn)

    hi eds! i completely forgot u took pictures of the place. hehehe

  • Edcel

    doi: all hail doi; a true advocate of Siomai sa Tisa, not just any tisa, it’s the Original Siomai sa Tisa! hehe. which reminds me doi, i should post the pictures in larsian. hehe

  • siomaiadik.......27

    have u tasted the siomai of captain’s siopao? it so delicious. taste it to compare. they are open from 9am to 9pm. it is near the brgy hall infront of the chapel. hmmmmmmm i have to go there…… taste it to believe me……

    • Edcel

      siomaiadik: Captain’s siomai? that’s at the barangay hall in TISA right? Maybe I’ll drop by there sometime. Thanks! 🙂

  • arrem

    yes i agree siomai sa tisa is still da best!!!
    how i miss my high school life in tisa night high school i usualy go there after the school hours and sometimes i do cuting classes just to go there and eat with my best frnd!!.. the most exciting thing is the fear that my teachers might see me there or worse my kuyas!!! hehe i promised to be back there!!! way tugpahay!!! ahhh nakaka gutom!!! tsk!!! sana pag balik ko walang mag bago sa chili sauce nyo!!!! ur the best guyz!!!

  • arrem

    ayy nakalimutan ko!!! kamusta nalang sa mga taga tisa ur the original!!!
    tsaka sa mga taga tahna hehehe!!! weee im craving 4 siomai!!! libre nyo ako pag balik ko ha!!!
    cge chow!!!

    • Edcel

      arrem: haha, thanks for dropping by my blog. siomai sa tisa is really one of the best here in cebu! 🙂

  • arrem

    ur so welcome i thank this blog kasi im so proud of tisas siomai talaga its the best wala pa akong nakikita dito sa manila na kasing sarap ng siomai sa tisa hopefuly wen i come back anjan parin yan and same old taste hayst

    anyway san ka sa cebu?

    • Edcel

      Haha, yeah. When you come back to Cebu, the Original Siomai sa Tisa would most likely be still here. :0

  •  lami kay na maona ang kinalamian mao sad na ako kaonon inig gabie

  • yummy! deliciouso

  • alex

    ah y lami kay way recipe,buhat unta mi diris bohol kay layo sa cebu

  • Hi! 🙂

    I'll be visiting Cebu in April for a short break… May I know what time does the Siomai Sa Tisa operate? Is it open everyday? Thank you!

    • @Cliff Anderson: the Siomai sa Tisa are mostly open during dinner time. maybe 4pm onwards.

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