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Just got back to the Hostel in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hongkong from a day tour in Macau. It’s been a tiring day and I was really amazed at the casinos and buildings in Macau. I didn’t expect it to be really amazing.

But I had an even better time when I was able to cheat death by bungy jumping from the Macau Tower! I’ve been planning the bungy jump since last year and finally I did it!

bungy macau

bungee jump at Macao!

bungy jump macau

AJ Hackett at Macau Tower

I jumped from the Macau Tower which is the world’s highest bungy jump at 233 meters! Will blog more about it next time. I can’t seem to gather my thoughts in creating some good entries because I arrive at the hostel already late and I still have to wake up early for our itinerary the next morning. This is it for now. Will create an longer and more detailed entry about this bungy jumping experience.

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  • WOW! Grabe ka nakaya mo LOL gusto ko rin i-try yan noon kaso kulang pera hehe i will try that one next time 😛

    • Edcel

      kinaya talaga. took the opportunity cause rarely do i get to have this chance. ito talaga yung sinadya kong puntahan sa macau. hehe. pinag-ipunan, eto tuloy. wala nang pera, wala nang maiuwi. hehe

  • superman ikaw ba yan!

  • hahaha Wewewewewaaaaaaaaiiiiiiitttt! 😛  nainggit  tlga ako Eds kaya pag-iipunan ko yan. sana my mag-sponsor! haha

  • Edcel

    kaya mo yan gale!

  • WOW what a jump of a lifetime! And u could pose so well for the candid shots! I will definitely chicken out!

    • Edcel

      haha, indeed it was a jump of a lifetime! i want to go back and strike a better pose next time. hehe thanks for dropping by! 😀

  • chie

    mas ok ba kumuha ng package sa macau? or sakay na lang ng mga train dun?

    • Edcel

      @chie: i didn’t see any train in Macau but there are free hotel buses. We didn’t take a package as there were Pinoys working as a tour guide as a sideline. you’ll meet them at the Port.

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