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Recently, a survey was conducted by Out of Town Blog to bloggers listing their top 15 Philippine travel blogs. A number of bloggers joined in the said survey and after tallying it, I was surprised to see that soloflightEd is among the top travel blogs in the country. Below is the list of top blogs in the Philippines.

The 2013 Philippines Top 15 Travel Blogs

Top 15 Philippine Travel Blogs 2013 Poll

1. PinayTravelJunkie.com
2. Pinoyadventurista.com
3. Thepinaysolobackpacker.com
4. Ambot-ah.com
4. LakadPilipinas.com
4. EscapeIslands.com
4. Lakwatsero.com
5. ChyngReyes.com
6. Soloflighted.com
7. Fliptravels.com
8. JourneyingJames.com
9. Lakas.com.ph
10. Ironwulf.net
11. Nomadicexperiences.com
12. Thetravellingdork.com
13. Justwandering.org
14. Rakistangnars.com
14. Flipnomad.com
14. Byahilo.com
14. JuanderfulPinoy.com
15. Ivanlakwatsero.com

I appreciate the thought that other bloggers have somehow utilized this site for information, inspiration or simply a source for killing time. I would like to thank all those who voted for this site and for continuing to drop by every now and then for updates. Thanks as well to Melo for conducting the poll! 🙂

I know haven’t been updating this site as often as I hoped. This was mainly due to recent changes in my lifestyle that made me prioritize other aspects that have more bearing for me. Thank you to everyone and have a Merry Christmas!

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