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SoloflightEd will be going on a lot of trips from August, September, October and November this year! Also, I'll be having a few more on January, February and March next year.

One big problem — where to find some money? I booked different flights due to Cebu Pacific's promo fares in different occasions and offerings but one thing is for sure, the discounts didn't cost me much. Only now I have to look for some cash for my budget. Here are my travels.

This Year:
August – Bohol
September – Hongkong, Macau
October – Manila, Kota Kinabalu, Singapore
November – Iloilo

Next Year:
January – Davao
February – Manila
March – Clark

I've been wondering where I'm going to get the money now. I still have some blog money saved but it's not enough to cover for all the expenses. I know I should be saving or getting some insurance for myself but I feel that I have to get out and explore. My feet are raring to go on a journey so my mind will also be opened on how big our world is

If all goes to plan, I'll be able to step on foreign soil — and probably jump & fall on foreign air too! I just don't want to say to soon because I might get jinxed.

I'm feeling the adrenaline of being a travel blogger and since I've already started posting more travel blog entries, I'm bent on continuing this and become a point-of-contact for tips and advices so long as I know the place well enough.

I wish to travel one day and get paid while doing it too. Maybe I can contribute in a known magazine or probably help out on a tv show? Dreams Ed, they're still there for your to grab. For now, I just have to keep on blogging and start saving up again!

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soloflightEd.com is a travel blog by Edcel Suyo. He enjoys performing headstands and crazy stunts during his trips in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Now based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and working to earn a living, he takes time to enjoy the city and travel during weekends.
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  • kaya mo yan! hehehe…

  • huwaw!!! more power ed

    • Edcel

      more money is what i need. haha thanks!

  • Wow. Looks like a busy second half of the year for you. 😛 Good luck with your adventures, and see you at WordCamp! 🙂

    • Edcel

      haha, yeah indeed! thanks. see you at the Wordcamp! I’m excited 🙂

  • force saving is effective for me. for sure it will work for you too!
    are you going solo on those trips?

  • rols

    wow, eds how do you do it? every month naka leave ka sa work?

    • Edcel

      hi rols! the previous months wala akong leave. hehe. also mostly during weekends ang trips. 🙂

    I know of a part-time marketing-like job that you can try. It suits you since I can sense that you have marketing skills. It will not require you to be in an office for hours. You own your time. You can do it online and wherever you are. I am currently doing it online and was able to help a lot of people because of this. If you are interested, contact me at 09159030870.
    Good luck! 🙂

  • me too! mahilig book ng book kapag seat sale… not worrying about the travel budget. hahaha! nice blog you got here. safe trip 🙂

    • Edcel

      pinaytraveljunkie: thanks a lot! good luck nga lang because of the recent news crisis. tsk tsk. will be in hongkong next week!

  • Go lang ng Go! kaya mo yan ikaw pa!

  • Edcel

    haha, thanks lily! 😀

  • wow! buti okay lng sa boss mo.. hihihi
    sagabal talaga ang trabaho at boss sa mga gala. lol
    happy travellin'!

    • Edcel

      haha. naswerte lang talaga! 😀

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