Walking Barefoot at the Fairy Stream in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Not a far distance from our guesthouse, the driver of 4×4 jeep we rented dropped us off at the Fairy Stream where we were going to start our half-day tour of Mui Ne, Vietnam.

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and we chose the afternoon package to tour the common places to visit. This is composed of the Fairy Stream, Fishing Village, White Sand Dunes, and Red Sand Dunes.

Fairy Stream Tour in Mui Ne, Vietnam
February 8, 2012

Fairy Stream walk in Mui Ne

Mui Ne Fairy Stream Walk

Basically, the difference between the Morning and Afternoon package is just the sun. We preferred sunsets over sunrises so we took the latter option. Waking up early isn’t really our cup of tea; especially when we came from a 5-hour bus trip from Ho Chi Minh City, and arrived early in the morning.

pathway fairy stream mui ne
leave your shoes and walk barefoot

We left our shoes as this was going to be a barefoot activity. Actually we saw a number of shoes at the starting point of the trek and local kids just pointed at them so we simply followed the rest of the tourists. Kids were ready to be our guides, but we figured there was no use since we only had to follow the path where other travellers were going.

vietnam fairy stream
fairy stream walk

We started getting familiar with the trek and at the beginning, I didn’t know what to expect. We were just walking on the stream and at times our feet got buried ankle-deep in the soft clay. After we got past the rocks, bamboo plants and other bushes, we saw a clearing and it was then did I realize how much a beautiful place this was.

fairy stream trip mui ne
play of colors

Play of Colors

This was quite a surprise and I loved the color of the sand complementing the background. The sand was also very fine that we couldn’t help getting dirty lying on it.

fairy stream tour
red orange, blue and green

I can’t stress how vivid the colors were because we visited this tourist spot while the sun was up high. The sun intensified the hue of the sand and the colors were really highlighted!

mui ne vietnam fairy stream
other tourists

Seeing this view was already enough for me. Let me also mention that despite the hot weather, the water from the stream is quite cold.

fairy stream in mui ne
loving the view

You also have the option to climb the hill and walk from there. We were told that the view of the dry land on the other side is like a mini Grand Canyon. We weren’t able to check it out though.

It’s advisable that you bring a scarf or towel to cover your face from the dust when it becomes windy.

fairy stream mui ne
hot day

mui ne fairy stream
dusty too

Small Waterfalls

We kept walking and wondered what would happen at the end of our hike. We reached a dead end and a local kid informed us that she would take us to the waterfalls. Feeling adventurous, we followed her in a narrow path.

vietnam fairy stream
path to the waterfalls

It was a short trek and we also passed by a farm. When she pointed the waterfalls, it was but a small one. I just laughed. It made sense that the waterfalls was small since it was only a stream that we were visiting and not a river.

We gave the kid a minimal fee for taking us there. I wonder how many tourists she was able to bring here which earned her a quick buck.

waterfalls fairy stream
Tada! The Waterfalls! haha – a small one

Baby Snake?

On our way back, I noticed something shiny on the ground. I thought it was a lizard, but upon closer look, it resembled some characteristics of a snake! It was a small one and it didn’t look nice at all. I almost panicked and stood still for a second, but thought of continuing our walk.

baby snake mui ne vietnam

At the back of my head, I wondered if it was a baby snake and the mother was just somewhere nearby. Gives me the chills just thinking about it because we hardly noticed it!

We went back to the entrance after taking a few more photos. We were to continue our next journey in this half-day tour of Mui Ne.

fairy stream muine
can’t get enough of the sand


Mui Ne is five hour by bus from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Check out my other stories of Mui Ne here:

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11 thoughts on “Walking Barefoot at the Fairy Stream in Mui Ne, Vietnam”

  1. @Oman: yes it is! Nope, it's not muddy or messy. The sand doesn't stick. But we hand a grand time taking a handful of sand. haha. parang ngayon lang nakahawak ng buhangin. haha

    @The Photoblogger: Ey EJ! Just the person I needed to clarify! Haha, thanks for the clarification. Updated my blog post. haha Thanks!

  2. Love the intense colors on surrounding the stream! Looks like it 's constantly subjected to erosion, more so after heavy rains. In which case, this will not be the same a decade from now! lucky you to experience this now.

  3. @Dennis: really lucky. didn't think about the soil erosion until you mentioned it, which is true when recalling our experience. you should check it out if ever you pass by Vietnam. 🙂

    @Ryan Mach: really lovely color of the sand! tagal ko nang di nakapanood ng survivor. haha

    @Missy: Yes, I've heard that they also call it magical because the water is cold even if the weather is hot. Thanks for dropping by my blog! 🙂

  4. @Bino: You should check it out. saya ng whole tour dito! 🙂

    @Daene: Ey thanks for visiting this blog! yep, re: snake, it moved very fast so it was hard to mistake it for a snail. I was thinking of something else if it wasn't a snake. 

  5. After the eclipse event October 25, 1995, Mui Ne seems to be shined by scientists and astronomy enthusiasts around the world who flocked to here to admire the eclipse. From that romantic landmarks of Mui Ne are explored, including Mui Ne Fairy Stream.


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