Osmeña Peak Cebu: Descending in the Dark Night

It was already cold to be standing on top of the Osmena Peak in Cebu. Waiting for the sun to set became a little uncomfortable because the temperature became cooler. Good thing I brought a jacket. It was also great that we still had some leftover bread so we could fill our stomachs with food before going for another hike.

osmena peak cebu night
leaving Osmena Peak Cebu

After taking a few more photos, it was time to hike back to the town. The challenging part was only the first part as we were to go down from the hill full of shrubs and bushes. Aside from the fact that we could fall off a blind cliff if we were not careful, we only had one flashlight carried by Edwin to help us during the night trek.

osmena peak cebu
last look of Cebu Osmena peak

Cellphone Light and Camera Flashes

My source of light came from my cellphone and the flash from my camera. Given that the trek was around 20 minutes, you can imagine how many flashes we took just so we could see the path. Very nice that we were accompanied by local kids who were already familiar with the way, and they were kind enough to assist us during the trek back to the base of Osmena Peak.

night trek in cebu osmena
overexposed – set my camera flash to brightest to see the path

Doi was still limping so we also had to be careful not to hike fast. Edwin and the local kid were leading the way, I was second on trail. Doi was the third and Dom was the last. At times, we would stop because we had to rest. There were moments as well when we slipped because of muddy soil.

night trek osmena peak
Doi, resting her swollen travelling feet

Alas, after 20 minutes, we were already at the base. We hiked towards a house where we could wash our dirty feet. We also waited for motorcycle drivers to take us to the Mantalongon market. We didn’t want to hike another hour and as advised by the locals, it’s much safer to have motorbike drivers as companions.

osmena peak cebu
nganga mode – waiting for a motorbike

But even the short motorcycle ride, it was pretty scary since there were no lamp posts. The drivers maneuvered the route without effort, despite having to go through bumpy tracks. We made it safely to the market.


We ate in an eatery and inquired from the attendants where we could spend the night the cheapest way possible. Luckily, they told us that we could sleep in a spare room at the barangay hall and pay 50 bucks each for the space. Having no inhibitions, and not much money (lol), we all agreed to sleep there.

mantalongon town cebu

Power nap in an Internet Cafe… above the Wet Market

We capped the night off by going to an internet cafe shop above the wet market where we checked online stuff. I also remember that I dozed off after only 30 minutes as I was already tired. Then they had to wake me up when it was time to go.

Here’s what I said:

Dong Ho: Ok, I’m done. We can all go now.
Doi: Alright, let me wake up Ed.
*Doi poked me.*
Me: So where’s the folder?
Doi and Dong Ho: ???

I was dreaming that I was at the office to finish some reports, and I needed a folder to compile papers. That’s why I said what I said. I usually talk when I sleep; and even at home, my brothers would make fun of me by starting a conversation while my eyes are shut.

Barangay Hall

We were supposed to sleep in a homestay owned by one of the townsfolk. However, after figuring out the costs, it was way cheaper to sleep in the barangay hall.

barangay hall mantalongon

Despite having blankets that smelled as if they were not used since 1800s, we still made the most of our room. No need for electric fan or air conditioning as the weather was already cool. We were, after all, on top of Cebu.

To be continued…


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7 thoughts on “Osmeña Peak Cebu: Descending in the Dark Night”

    • @bertN: we were waiting for the sunset and we lost touch of time. We were advised that it wasn’t that difficult compared to other mountains. But still, we should’ve prepared for the trek. 🙂

  1. This is so kick-ass, Ed! Granted, a night trek without a headlamp is suicidal at best pero I heard Osmeña Peak is a fairly easy hike. Plus local guides were with you so that lessened the danger a tiny bit. So inggit, I want to climb with you and Dong Ho too! 😀

    • @Mel: our asses will be kicked if something happened during that night trek! 🙂 yes, good thing may mga bata talaga. Thanks dropping by Mel, tagal ko nang di nakakapagblog hop. 🙂

  2. hi
    it was an awesome view up there. Im planning to do the same..
    But i have a little doubt about it. Beside your group you saw any other group climbing?
    And it was dark at night..anything to be worries?


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