Food Trip in Cebu and Zamboanga

Jana and I spent a few days in the Philippines a couple of weeks ago to be with family and to accomplish some tasks. After having been in Dubai for 4 years, there was a lot of catching up in terms of responsibilities and planning for the future. What was once a travel for travel (or travel for blog) has been replaced with travel for errands. So we weren’t able to visit beaches or do much of those adventure activities, but Jana and I were glad that we were able to accomplish a lot in a limited time; and that we made time for these things that matter.

Those moments in between errands, we had fun food trips from various restaurants we missed in Cebu as well as buy some items that we don’t get to often buy when we’re in Dubai (due to the price difference). A simple thing like fruits and Filipino delicacies cost a lot more here (sometimes 5x more) compared to getting in fresh in the Philippines. We also had some lazy days staying with relatives in Zamboanga. So let me just post these Instagram snaps from our trip, they’re mostly food. ;p

Bryan’s ribs from #casaverde. Still huge servings. 🙂 #cebu #ayalacebu #foodporn #baboy #casaverdeph

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Retreat. #zamboanga #pinoytravelbloggers #choosephilippines #travelgram #travelphotography

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Clams my mom-in-law cooked. #seafood #clams #lutongbahay #foodporn #zamboangacity #foodgram #philippines

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