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About the Blogger


Hi, my name is Edcel and I am a travel blogger based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I used to work in a BPO company (of nearly 6 years), but quit my job in order to have more time for travelling. I backpacked Southeast Asia for 9 months while working as an online freelancer. 

You can read more about how I took the step to living a life of a digital nomad here – Delusions of Grandeur: Taking the Step to Location Independence.

Just recently married, I am now building a life in this desert city with my beautiful wife. Working at home, I manage a number of websites to help me sustain this blog as a career and aim to set up an online business.

About the Blog

Why soloflightEdSolo flight is all about finding one’s purpose in life, we each have our own destiny and to find it is truly a great gift. My name is Ed so I added it as well. This was a personal website that evolved into a travel blog. This is not its domain as I don’t normally travel solo. But even so, it should not be taken in a literal sense.

I currently focus on blogging about my travels, my experiences and some tips about the destinations I visit. Hopefully, this site will serve as a useful source of information about different places in the Philippines, Southeast Asia and now, the Middle East.

edsoloflightWhen not climbing trees, the author is busy being an online geek.


What’s with the headstands and crazy stunts?

This is my way of showing my flip side in front of the lens. Not that I have any attention deficit disorder (I have yet to get myself checked), but life is too short to stand still. Also, these stunts are part of my frustration ever since I was a kid as I still long for the day that I’ll be able to do a simple cartwheel – still can’t do it.

crazy travel

There are things I wish I could do but I can’t. Then there are those that only need practice in order to get them right; no matter how long they may take. Trying, even if I fail countless times, motivates me to keep proving my limits. Once in a while, I become successful and it’s all because of persistence. I guess this goes with one of my principles in life that we can do anything so long as we badly put our mind and heart into our goals.

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To contact me for advertising opportunities or if you just want to say Hi, you can go to my Contact Page. Otherwise,
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