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Feel free to check out my blog entries on the different places I’ve been. It took me 3 hours just to compile this lot. Thanks for visiting this page!


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26 thoughts on “Travels”

  1. Hi Ed, Je here from Cavite but I work in Muntinlupa. You have great pics from Cebu. Have you been to Bohol? My friends and I (a total of 8) will be in Cebu and Bohol from Feb 19-24 and were in the process of creating our itenerary for the trip. This will be our much awaited breather from our stressful professional lives, so we really want it to go as smoothly as possible. Can you please answer some questions for us? I will be back later. Thanks in advance! (AWESOME SITE BTW!)

  2. Je: Hi Je, Yeah, I’ve been to Bohol but I haven’t really taken much pics of the place. It’s a great place to hang out and get a temporary break from the office. Sure, I can answer a couple of questions, I just hope I can get some good answers. hehe. Thanks!

  3. Yehey!
    First we want to ask if you can recommend a pension house for us in Cebu city and if its best to choose Bantayan Island amongst all the beaches in Cebu. We only have 2 days to spend and we also want to go to Kawasan Falls, Plantation Bay and tour the city.

    In Bohol we plan to stay at the Metro Center Hotel, they said its connected with the Panglao Nature Resort (based on web pics it looks great), then the following day were off to another resort around the Bohol beach club area (which we haven’t found one as well). Third day Bohol city tour with lunch @ Loboc river.

    Would you suggest renting a van for our group instead of taking tour package offers from resorts? And did we miss on anything that first time Cebu-Bohol trippers should experience?

    Again, thanks a lot in advance!

  4. Just to clarify, you’ll be spending two days in Cebu sometime between 19-24, right?

    Bantayan will actually take 4 hours of travel (land trip and barge) from the Cebu City proper.

    If you decide to go to Bantayan, it’s not practical to just go there and stay only for a day considering you’d be consuming a lot on travel time alone. It would be better if you stay there overnight. There are a lot of cottages that are cheap in Sugar Beach but you can also check out resorts if you want to be more comfortable. That’s why you can just go directly to Bantayan so as not to spend too much time. However, since you mentioned you are planning to have a day tour in Cebu, and you’re looking for a place to stay, the cheapest place I know is in Sugbutel (250 per person/night) but it’s not at the metro though. Anyway, there are still a number of pension houses that are affordable within the city.

    Bantayan is an island on the northern tip of Cebu. Kawasan, on the other hand, can be found in the town of Badian, a 3-hour drive to the South of Cebu City. Then when you reach the area, you have to walk for 30-40 minutes in order to get to the falls. You don’t have to stay there overnight though. You can also go to Moalboal afterwards and spend the night there. Moalboal is a nice beach which is less than an hour ride from Kawasan as it is a town before Badian.

    As for Plantation Bay, the place is expensive, you can check their rates online. You can go there on a day tour and spend about 2000 (not that sure though) each person. But it is a good place to hang out. It’s less than an hour from Cebu City.

    For the bus going to Bantayan, you can go to the North Bus Terminal in Subangdaku, Mandaue (near SM). As for the transportation to Kawasan, you can either ride a bus from the South Bus Terminal or a van in the Citilink terminal (South Bus and Citilink are near each other).

    About Bohol. I’m not very familiar with the place. I was able to tour the place sometime last year because we also had our own team building there.

    There’s a beach beside Bohol Beach Club called Dumaluan Beach Resort, that is the place where we spent the night on because it’s cheap. It’s actually just a public beach beside the privately owned Bohol Beach Club and you can just cross the beach club without any problem of tresspassing and such. It’s the same beach anyway.

    I suggest that while you’re in Bohol, you can just rent a van and let the driver take you where you want to go. It’s much cheaper I believe because that’s what we did when we went there (we’re a bunch of cheapskates, hehe.) When you arrive at the port of Tagbilaran, Bohol, there are a number of vans waiting and you can just negotiate with them to take you around the place. They will even suggest spots for you on where you can go. We went to Sagbayan Peak, Chocolate Hills, Loboc River, Man-Made forest and the Dumaluan beach. Hinagdanan Cave is also a nice place to go to but we haven’t gone there.

    Hope I was able to give you some insights.

  5. sir/madaem. I just wondering if somebody can give me advice where can I jog in siquijor. Anybody know a trail or a long beach? May be can tell me what is the longest beach in siqijor.
    thnak you so much

  6. Hi Ed, wondering what to do if we had 6hrs to spend in Cebu? Our main trip is at Iloilo but we took the flight which will stop at Cebu in the morning then leave for Manila by the afternoon. Any tips on how we can maximize a half day tour of the City? Thanks! 

    • hmmm. not very sure. it depends on what’s your trip. 6 hours is too little. I suggest you go and eat at CNT lechon or casa verde and try their baby back ribs. you can also check out some old churches if that’s what you want. but i’d go for the lunch. 😀

  7. hi, haven't been to manila ocean park? i'm planning to bring my family there and wanted to have an idea on how and where to stay.. anyone? will appreciate any help (info).. thanks! btw, nice site Ed! keep them coming.. and oh, I'm looking forward to your next entries re your HK tour.. 😉

    • @taurygirl: haven’t been to ocean park in manila too. thanks for the compliments! will be posting more blog entries about my Hongkon trip! 😀

  8. Hi Ed! Saw your blog thru PinoyExchange. Since then, I started reading your blogs and I enjoyed them.Nice one about HK 😀 ,very informative, can't wait for the rest.Will be in HK also on November together with Hubby and kid, your info's are of great help.Thank you and keep it up. For sure, i'l be one of the regular readers 😀

  9. planning to Bangkok this june 5,can't find discount/promo fares at this has to spend 15k for airfare alone….when can i avail of promo trips? seem to know the right time to purchase such fares? any tips?

    • Hi Eden! I check up on Cebu Pac’s promo fares every now and then that’s why I only book my flights if there are piso or promo fares. You may also want to sign up on their FB Page so you can be updated! 😀

  10. gud am ask q lang po kun me contact number pa kayo ng naging guide nyo sa caramoan tour nyo balak po kc nming pmunta ng pamilya q sa november? salamat po

  11. ey mr. soloflighted!.. great blog indeed! 🙂
    whew! that's a lot!!! 😀 wish i could travel to all those places you've been!! 🙂
    i want to try the bungy jump!! i think its pretty cool up there! 🙂

  12. @hiya montoya: pasensya, i don't have the contact number na po. you can try calling the Villa Juliana Inn for info. they have a multiply account. 😀

    @jenny santos: thanks a lot jenny! hope to conquer more places 😀


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