Desert Sunrise on a Hot Air Balloon in Dubai

For a thrill-seeker,  one of the things that you must do in Dubai is ride a hot air balloon. This experience takes you to the desert where you can experience a beautiful sunrise overlooking the Arabian sand. We were able to try this during winter season in Dubai and it was a great experience altogether.

Meet up point was at the IKEA in Festival City Mall around 6 in the morning and the skies were still dark. The team from Hot Air Balloon Adventures arrived on time and we rode a van for about an hour away from the city.

early morning in the desert

filling the balloons with air

Hot Air Balloon Adventure over the Dubai Desert

In the van, they gave us instructions on what to expect during the ride such as what we can or cannot carry.
One of the things that was noted especially for me who love to take pictures is that you are not allowed to bring an extra lens. Whatever is mounted on your camera is what you can bring. You are not allowed to bring bags even if it is strapped to your body. The rules seemed strict but there were serious and fatal incidents that happened in the past so we need to understand that all these rules are for our safety as well as safety for the rest of your companions.

After the briefing, we were able to take a quick nap. Please be advised though that there are no toilets in the desert area, so better to do your toilet breaks at the meeting point in IKEA.

the other balloon is ready

preparing the balloon


When we arrived at the desert area, the guys have already prepared the balloon. They also informed us what to do and how to climb the basket. For somebody who thinks that this is a simple and easy task, please be advised that the process of climbing the basket requires some physical activity so please listen carefully to their instructions.

The first time we tried this hot air balloon adventure in Dubai, there was only one basket that flew among 4 others. Weather was not cooperating and after plenty of failed attempts to prepare the balloon, the pilot mentioned that we had to call it a day. To those who are wondering about payment, money will be refunded if the trip is unsuccessful.

But there we were. Climbing the basket and soaring to the sky! All the while we were admiring the view below,  all the while enjoying the feeling of being in the sky.

balloon ride

waiting for the sun


The pilot was very strict in implementing and educating all safety procedures when climbing and landing when bracing for impact even before we got to the skies. After everybody understood, we saw ascended even further.

The sunrise was one if the main highlights and seeing the desert dunes, blankets and blankets of them, we’re another one. It went to a point that we were even higher than the Burj Khalifa.

hot air balloon in the Arabian desert!

the other balloon. photo taken from inside our basket.

Seeing the blankets of sand really amazes me how Dubai has gone far from the desert it was to the city that it is. To think there’s still so much land to cover.

We were up in the Arabian desert air and hot air balloon adventure lasted for an hour.

Dubai desert

blankets of sand

bedouins, morning camel walk

view from the ride

Our pilot instructed us to start our brace position as we were about to land. We held on tight preparing for the impact and it was a little rough (as it should be) since we only had the basket to make us land.

They gave us refreshments afterwards.

refreshments offered

packing up – done for the day

Balloon Adventures Dubai

This balloon ride is offered by the Balloon Adventures and costs 1100 AED per person. Currently, they have added a new feature in this Dubai attraction. They’ve added a falconry aspect where a falcon will also fly with you and you can watch hover the desert and come back to its owner. They also added a gourmet breakfast which is really an added bonus in my opinion.

Note: This post was 2 years in the making. lol

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