Random things.     This is what I created using MS paint when we were so bored doing nothing already.   The previous week was a long one. We had an account activity at the beach but it rained. A friend & I went to another beach in the South (Alcoy, Cebu) but there was … Read more


  Harry Potter and Chapter 33    I've read the book already (ebook), and after all those years, I've finished the series already. Biggest revelation was Snape and chapter 33… One never thought of him to have the principal turnaround. —————   I'm moved to the day shift. This is just a temporary situation until … Read more


Hah, I’m exempted from wearing a uniform. Turns out that the policy is only applicable to 2nd year students and below, and my status right now will be an incoming irregular junior. Yes! In any case, at least I can still apply for an exemption since I’m also working. I was so relieved when my … Read more


sinulog PIT SENYOR! (i still don’t know what that means) while everyone was busy preparing and watching and participating in the different events, parties and the much-anticipated street-dancing parade, i slept till my head hurt during the sinulog festival. nothing significant really happened on why i trapped myself in isolation, cuddling myself up even when … Read more