Unexpected Opportunities while Backpacking

After my trip to Bali, Indonesia. I didn’t know where I was headed. I wanted to do something other than work on my laptop as I felt very unhealthy being stuck in front of a computer screen. I was still in Bangkok at the time and I was contemplating on a few things until unexpected opportunities knocked on this backpacker’s life.

Substitute Teacher

There was an opening for a temporary post as an elementary English teacher for a private school in Bangkok where my friend was working. It was a short-term gig which would’ve lasted three weeks. In my mind, I was to handle a class of grade six pupils, but the picture didn’t come out clear enough because I was hesitant.

office soloflighted
back in the old office days

I’ve had some experience training adults and I’ve hosted calibration sessions with different clients in my previous job in a call center; but this was a little different since I’d be handling youngsters.

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Chasing the Snow

Japan Ski

Although some may be happy that the weather is warming up, there are some who dread the onset of summer and the end of the Australian ski season. But for those of you who are addicted to fresh powder – never fear. You can ski all year round; you just have to plan it well.

Queenstown with lake Wakatipu from the top. There is great skifields in lake Wakatipu


When the snow in Thredbo and Perisher starts getting a little thin but it’s not quite cold enough in the Northern Hemisphere, New Zealand is a top spot to carve it up.

Queenstown, Christchurch, Wanaka and Methven, all located on the picturesque South Island, are the most popular destinations and there are a number of cheap flights to New Zealand cities available, particularly towards the end of the season. In the late season, you also have the added bonus of longer, warmer days and there is still typically a lot of snow on the ground. Skiing in t-shirts, anyone?

Japan Ski
A ski resort in japan

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