Cebu Trip: Mangrove Trees in Sayaw Beach, Barili

I had a quick vacation in Sayaw Beach Barili, Cebu, when I went out with a former colleague’s team for an activity to bond out of town. I didn’t have plans of joining as I was bent on spending my weekends at home in order to work. But I soon gave in when it turned out that the number of heads that the original trip had didn’t turn out quite as expected.

Cebu Trip: Mangroves in Sayaw Beach, Barili
October 1, 2011

sayaw barili
Sayaw Beach, Barili

Team Building in Barili, Cebu

To be honest, the place didn’t fancy me the first time because I was expecting a nice beach available so I could directly head out for a swim. However, here’s the scene that greeted me when I went to the shore.

barili cebu
boat and trees

It was an overnight stay in a resthouse and I was surprised to see mangrove trees that gave out a different view as time passed.

barili mangroves water
water knee-deep

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