Apprehensive to go to Hongkong

I will be going on a trip to Hongkong from September 1 to 8 – that’s next week. Just my luck that the hostage crisis took place last week. Because of the recent activities that happened, I’m now apprehensive to push through with the trip for fear of safety and discrimination.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going through with the travel as this will be my first time to step foot on foreign ground. Like everyone, I am saddened by the result of the hostage negotiation that led to the death of 8 people.

I feel ashamed of myself knowing that we’ve caused this distress to other nationalities. What made me upset were the pictures that were shown of the incident and bystanders who even had the guts to have their shots taken as though the place were a tourist destination.

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triple 09

Yes, it was a coincidence that it had to fall on my day. Nothing grand happened but it was a nice thought that a number of people greeted me. I don’t really celebrate, “celebrate” birthdays but it’s something I know I need to work on.

23. Ouch. “What have you achieved?” –> what I wrote on my planner. Somehow, I can’t give a definite answer that can alter one’s perception in life. Shoot. I resolve to be more patient though; which is what I should also add to my list of things to do.

Anyway triple 09, 09/09/09. They made it a holiday just for me… not.

September 09

Another day, another year. September 09. Sometimes I wonder if I’m jinxed but whenever this day comes, it doesn’t necessarily give me much excitement. To think that this is, after all, the day I was born. Maybe I’m just too shy to admit that I like this day. hehe. Still, I’m thankful for people who … Read more


I forgot that it’s September already. I got a text from a colleague greeting me a “Merry Christmas”. Alright. Anyway, this month is a great one, it should. This is my month, after all. hehe. Wala lang, pang counter lang sa negative vibes. hehe. joke!