Podcast Interview with Chichi of WeAreSoleSisters.com

I interviewed a Sole Sister for my podcast right after her 6-month backpacking trip in Southeast Asia. I felt comfortable right away during the talk and one factor is because she’s also from Cebu.

Episode 7 of SoloFlightEd Sessions

soloflighted sessions with chichi

Chichi of WeAreSoleSisters.com

One of the writers of WeAreSoleSisters.com (the other being Lois), Chichi quit her job and travelled for half a year in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia & Indonesia. I first met her during a meet-up with other Pinoy Travel Bloggers prior to her adventure. After that trip, Doi, Edwin and I went out for dinner so we could also catch up on our latest travel stories. She says that she couldn’t wait to go back on the road.

Chichi has such a bubbly personality and with this interview, you can tell that she’s a very sociable person. The way she wants to spread the joy and fun of traveling is infectious. 😀

Interview Location: EastWest, Asiatown IT Park, Cebu, Philippines


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