One Month Vacation Leave: Plans and Goals

It’s the start of my one month vacation from my retail job! After living for a year in Dubai and working as a sales attendant inside a mall, I’m finally going on a 30-day leave. I’m excited because it’s been awhile since I last had a long break. Here in Dubai, everybody’s life is all … Read more

vacation leave

and it was approved! A one week leave which I'll be using for more important matters. I hope I can mix some travel and leisure while being on a business trip. I haven't used my vacation leave for the year (except maybe for one). Last time I used about 5 days off from work, I … Read more

filed for leave

I’m filing for a vacation leave for 5 days. I don’t really file for leaves as I’m so dedicated to my job (yeah right), but knowing where a colleague is planning to go, I don’t want to pass this opportunity up. Especially since it’s summer already and what better way to spend it than at … Read more