Won Dispatch Magazine’s Hunt for EL SUPREMO

I won Dispatch Magazine’s Hunt for EL SUPREMO. It was a simple photo contest of posting your most fearless picture of yourself while traveling. Among the many photos that I have in my archive, I wondered which one to place but when they said we could create a collage, I decided to post most of my crazy photos in the different places I’ve been.

Prizes are:

  • Plane tickets to Kota Kinabalu for one male and one female contestant
  • Plane tickets to anywhere in the Philippines for another pair, and
  • 3 consolation prizes.

Full mechanics can be viewed here. Below is my photo entry with a caption on why I love traveling.

crazy travel
My entry to Dispatch Magazine’s Hunt for El Supremo

Bungy and cliff jumps, headstands and crazy stunts. I do just about anything to make the most of traveling. I live for adventure and share my stories in my travel blog (http://soloflightEd.com). Every journey is a work in progress as I learn more about life and discover realizations that I am normally unaware of when I’m stuck at the office. Traveling on a budget makes a trip more exciting as you acquire new skills of improvisation. Going on an expedition is not as expensive as you think; so long as you sacrifice little luxuries to gain experiences that are far more enriching.

While I slowly conquer destinations in the Philippines and the rest of Asia, I relish every moment of exploring. I dare to take crazy shots which make me unique as a traveler. Life is too short to live inside a bubble. I prefer to go out and live to its fullest.

This is my entry to the Dispatch Media Magazine El Supremo: The Hunt for Independent Traveler contest. I tried scouting for a single photo to represent my fearlessness but there’s just too many to show. I hope to travel again in the soonest time possible.

Dispatch Magazine is a newsletter that features people, places, activities, gear, and knowledge of travel. I like the fact their aim of bringing forth travel+adventure+advocacy to their audience. I’ve done travel and adventure and I’m still starting out with ‘Advocacy’ because I realize that our purpose for going to places change as we learn more about life beyond our borders. Having a purpose makes us realize that we want to protect what we have experienced so that we can share that experience with others.

Things have been pretty busy nowadays and realizing I’ve won is a welcome treat. This is one of those vacation deals that I’ve always wished because of wanting to get out of the office environment for awhile.

My biggest question right now is: What to do in Kota Kinabalu? I don’t even think I can file for a vacation leave anytime soon. I’ll request if I can have the dates of the trip to be moved. But I don’t want to worry too much as I’m just glad that my photo won.

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soloflightEd.com is a travel blog by Edcel Suyo. He enjoys performing headstands and crazy stunts during his trips in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Now based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and working to earn a living, he takes time to enjoy the city and travel during weekends.
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25 thoughts on “Won Dispatch Magazine’s Hunt for EL SUPREMO”

  1. wow! Congrats! I think you deserved it talaga, especially after your last post about a slip in Sagada! 🙂 You'll do almost anything for adventure 🙂

  2. @robbie: haha. dapat nga, ako na talaga! lol

    @mel: thanks mel, i want to clim Mt. Kinabalu. but i heard it costs around 200 USD? wala akong budget talaga! haha

    @virgo: haha, thanks. my photos are overkill actually. haha.

    @tina: thanks tina! ill practice caution na talaga next time! 😀

  3. Congratulations Ed! 😀 Ok din sa Kota Kinabalu. In my mind, i call it the Backpacker's Hub lol kasi naglipana mga backpackers mostly westerners 😀 I-try mo yung River Cruise kasi hindi namin nagawa awts. Visit Mt. Kinabalu na rin 😀

  4. @mica: haha, I want to climb Mt. Kinabalu pero mahal daw! around 200 USD. sayang.

    @gael: thanks! they say nga raw maraming beaches. sana di gaanong mahal.

    @nathalie: been reading your blogs to get a glimpse of the life there! 😀

    @dylan: not sure, mukhan di na yata matutuloy, cause there's some conflict with the dates of the trip. I went for the consolation prize instead.

    @rizalenio: was just happy that my photo was chosen. though I don't think i'll be going now. 🙁

  5. @senyor lakwatsero: thanks! will be safer next time! 😀

    @supertikoy: haha. di na ako matutuloy, i requested for the consolation prize instead 😀

    @miranda: thanks miranda! 😀

  6. @eric: thanks eric! me too, I haven't been able to blog as much anymore. so many things to do at work! cheers. 😀

    @steve: thanks man!

  7. well-deserved naman talaga! ikaw actually una ko naisip dito dahil sa mga crazy shots mo. wow, bungee jumping pa nga lang. pano pa kaya yung iba. Sayang di tumama sa sched. ayos sana pero okay pa rin! Keep up the good work!

  8. @pinoyboyjournals: haha, thanks jerik! ako lang ata yung adik na gumagawa ng ganitong mga poses. yeah, it's okay. was happy to get the title na. hahaha. thanks!

    @kai: haha. di madayun sa KK, connflict sa sked man pero ok pa gyapon. 😀


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