Arabian Gold Treatment at The Spa at The Address Dubai Mall

I had the opportunity to try out one of the treatments offered by The Spa at The Address Dubai Mall called “Arabian Gold Ritual”. This is one of the full body treatment offerings that they launched and consists of a body scrub, body and face mask, and body and face massage.

I seldom go to spas that’s why this was a nice surprise after a long and tiring workweek to try it out. Much more when it’s from The Spa at The Address Dubai Mall, a well-known award-winning luxury spa in the Middle East!

the spa at the address dubai
The Spa at The Address Dubai Mall

the spa at the address dubai mall
inside the “Revive” room

Shiffa Arabian Gold Ritual Treatment

I received a call about 2 hours prior to my appointment for the staff to make sure I was pushing through. The staff also advised to come earlier, about 30 minutes before, so I could settle in. They want the time allotted for the body massage therapy to be fully utilized.

the spa address dubai
hallway to the spa

I arrived at the spa and was given a locker key so I could head to the male changing room and change clothes. A bathrobe, towel and slippers was prepared for me when I opened my locker. The changing area is quite big that they even have lounges available for you to chill out. You can also take a shower before the therapy.

male changing area the spa dubai
inside the Male Changing Room

Aside from the huge changing room, they also have a Relaxation Area which is a dedicated place to stay while you wait for the therapist. You can simply relax while munching on dried fruits and biscuits, or drink tea while reading a few magazines.

The Spa at The Address Dubai Mall recognizes that you should be calm and collected before the therapy session and to achieve that, they have these amenities for you to easily transition to a more peaceful setting.

the spa the address dubai
tea, biscuits, fruits at the Relaxation area

relaxation area the spa at the address
lounge chairs – where you can wait before the massage

I was taken to one of the 9 rooms and the therapist (Hamzah) started with the 2-hour session. The Arabian Gold Ritual is one of the new treatments of the establishment and this is a unique concept as one of the highlights is that a gold-infused body mask will be applied to the body.

Arabian Gold Ritual Spa Treatment Procedure

The whole treatment starts with a body scrub using basil and mint body scrub with Dead Sea salt to exfoliate your skin. After taking a shower, the gold-infused clay is applied and your body will be wrapped in plastic sheet and towels.

In the mean time, Shiffa face mask will be applied on the face. While the masks take their full effect, you will be treated to a relaxing scalp massage.

You will take another shower and afterwards, have a full body massage using gold-infused body oil and face massage using healing balm mixture. All of this runs for 120 minutes!

the spa at the address dubai uae
inside one their 9 treatment rooms

the spa at the address dubai mall massage
in the shower with a peek of the Burj Khalifa building

The therapist had firm strokes that helped in releasing the tension from the body. I was so glad to have tried this special treatment as it’s a great way to de-stress from the busy Dubai city.

The gold-infused oil added a nice touch as it moisturizes the skin and makes you feel like a king! I felt so relaxed and energized after the whole ritual.

arabian gold ritual the spa the address
Shiffa gold body oil and other organic ingredients

arabian gold ritual treatment
pampered and wrapped like a cocoon

Arabian Gold Ritual

As the traditional aroma of Arabian Rose incense relaxes your mind and body, your reviving session begins with a gentle exfoliation using a refreshing Basil and Mint body scrub. Relax while being cocooned with the deeply purifying gold clay mask and balancing Shiffa face mask and have your therapist stimulate your senses with an invigorating scalp massage. End your journey with an opulent full body gold infused massage and our popular Healing Balm face massage.

the spa the address dubai mall
The Address Hotel’s The Spa

The Spa at The Address Dubai Mall is a winner of the Best Luxury Day Spa at the World Luxury Spa Awards 2014. I saw them displaying their certificate on the wall. I was already expecting that this was going to be a rejuvenating experience and for sure I was not disappointed.

The Spa at The Address Contact Details:

Opening Hours: 10 am to 10 pm
Location: 3rd floor, The Address Dubai Mall
Telephone Number: +971 4 438 8025
Facebook Page:

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