Beyond Comfort

2012 will be a year where I’ll go out of my comfort zone and test the waters. I’ll be travelling to different countries in Southeast Asia and if all goes well, I’ll be able to live like a nomad. I know a few people who have already done this backpacking journey and I’m inspired to take the same route since I’ve been prolonging this travel adventure for quite some time.


But I couldn’t just pack my things with me and go on a trip until I’ve settled a couple of financial setbacks. Even up to now, I’m still working on a few items that I should’ve completed a long time ago. Mapping out the locations, figuring out the itineraries, computing the budget, and basically coming up with a plan – all of which I haven’t really done yet and I’m ready to hit the panic button. I’ll probably just throw caution to the wind and make those decisions when I’m out there.

This is scary sh*t but ever since I was able to go out of the country, I’ve also been taking a step higher to see how far I can go in staying out of my comfort zone and travelling beyond boundaries. I’m an adrenaline junkie and I plan to go for those moments that get me all pumped up.

active lifestyle

I hope to try some physical activities in different locations. Tubing in Luang Prabang, eating spiders in Vietnam. I’ve already bungy jumped in Macau and also in Malaysia. Who knows, I’ll be able to get some Ski Holidays and have great snow adventures in time. The nearest country there is, according to friends is South Korea but that would require a visa – something I haven’t really fully tackled. But I’ll definitely get a taste of ski boarding in time.

I’m going full-time with my freelancing career and I’m studying other projects to help me sustain this type of lifestyle. Uncertainty is a fear I’m overcoming and I’m definitely a newbie when it comes to being on the road on my own, but I’ll enjoy the ride in the process of learning. Besides, I need to get out of this stage of comfort as it’s not fun anymore if I keep my current way of living.

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12 thoughts on “Beyond Comfort”

  1. Isang malaking GOODLUCK sa'yo, my friend! 😀
    Let me help you plan – do not plan at all!
    Hehe joke lang 😀 I truly wish you the best of luck, safety, health and I am looking forward to hearing more senti or emo posts from you in the coming months. Kaya mo 'yan! 😀

  2. @tabianmuch: thanks. maybe we can make baby steps to find that courage. thanks for dropping by! 😀

    @micamyx: haha, ito na talaga toh, Mica. gud luck to us! Emo posts? ayoko! lol. I'm past that stage (I think). hehehe. thanks again. 🙂

  3. plan and research (especially the budget. sometimes, this hinders us from doing them because we thought we don't have enought. most of the time, as proven by me, we are wrong. we can do it! we just have to research). Goodluck on your journey! 🙂

  4. Based on experience, freelance is tough and scary. There are months na talagang super tipid ako at depressed kasi wala akong pera. Then there are times na madami. But the reason I know you'll be okay is the fact na matipid ka. This trait will really help you in this adventure and I wish I had the same discipline.
    Naalala ko tuloy yung quote sa isang anime 'I wanna see how far I could go without looking back' =)

  5. @Robbie: maybe you'll get over your 'luhos' in time Robbie. I also had the desire to keep on buying 'stuff' but what I normally do is that if I have an upcoming trip, I pay for that instead to earn more experiences. This is what I learned when I was in my senior year in high school since nagquote ka naman. hehehe "Sacrifice something precious to gain something else." Kaya mo yan rob! Kakatakot talaga magfreelance but test ko na lang toh habang pwede pa 😀 thanks!

  6. wow, finally. you just resigned.
    congrats, that means you can already support yourself thru your earnings online. astig! walang tax ang freelancer! hehe

  7. That's awesome that you're pushing yourself past your comfort zone.  Good luck with your freelancing career.  I know it can be scary, but I think you'll be thankful that you did it.


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