For the first time in a long while, I was able to finish all my duties for the day and go home early! haha. I’m just excited with the situation since it’s rare that I get to have the opportunity to sleep early.

Yeah, I know; what did I do then when I arrived home? Blog, blog, blog. I know this is getting a bit overrated but I’m enjoying every moment of it. Seeing different resources grow and learning much while I’m still a novice.

Anyway, I miss some blogmates.  All of us has changed ever since we left Or to rephrase it, when kicked us out. haha.  I actually miss my previous site: Everyone has moved on to different hosts out there. Most people have gone to blogger already. Anyway, so long as we could keep in touch; but then again, we all have different priorities already. It’ll never be the same.

Sometimes I wonder whatever happened to some blog-cityzens. Where are you? crunchies, purplequill hehe. nananawagan ba.

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2 thoughts on “blog-cityzens”

  1. present!

    yeah, i miss those days. i miss nix, shawty, neecole, sunflowergie, fishfood, andrei, greenjello, cnb, and ate angel. etc-etc. blog-city is the place where it all started for me. LOL. great memories.

    kaw di kita namimiss, madalas naman kita nakakausap LOL joke. syempre you’re one of my best blogging friend.

  2. haha. mia. uu.

    at least we know where some of them have gone to.

    di mo ako mamimiss? lol hahaha. naks. same here (waaa, same here lang ang sinabi ko. lol) haha


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