Top Five Indian Street Food Hotspots

indian cuisine

India is famed for some of the best street food in the world. Each city has its own unique character and tastes to offer. Any discerning foodie will appreciate the country’s range of culinary treats, from spicy to sweet. Street food can be seen everywhere in India, be it a market, a street or just … Read more

Eyeing India

I’m currently in Bangkok and I’ll be heading to Chiang Mai in a few days. I’m on my eighth month of backpacking in Asia. So far, I’ve travelled to a number of countries without having a definite duration on how many days I’d stay in one place. Even if at times I’m spending more because I haven’t carefully planned what I’m going to do, I’m just glad that the freedom of decision-making is within my grasp most of the time.

One day I’m in Cambodia, the next day I’d travel to Thailand. I’d drop by a few days in Singapore, and then take a bus to Malaysia. The spontaneity of it all and how easy it is to go from country to country drives me high.

Singapore airport sky train

Of course, money plays a big role because transportation plays a big chunk in this scene. But somehow, it’s not as expensive compared to flying out from my country.

Back in the Philippines, I had a challenge getting out of the country at the immigration counter. It’s something a lot of Filipinos are worried about because immigration officers have to make sure that those who are leaving the country for the holidays have plans of returning to their home country.

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