maribago bluewater beach resort treat

I've gone all white from the air conditioned atmosphere in the office and I need to head to a beach in order to get some sun. If I'm lucky, I'll get a chance to win another treat which that is organized by Ruben of PinoyWorld. The Maribago Bluewater video is really enticing because of a … Read more

I won two day tour passes to Sumilon island!

Two tickets to be exact! I won two day tour passes to Sumilon Island! To think that I only joined late that I didn't even know that I could still make it at the event. Here's my blog entry about it. Soloflighted's trip to Sumilon Island Kai was actually giving me some hints on plurk … Read more

going to Argao

Going to Argao now. I need to get some sun with all the rain that’s been happening lately. At least off today at work so I’ll have more time to relax. Tomorrow will be another start of the week and I made sure I won’t get to work on a Monday. Anyway, we’re constraint on … Read more


Had a blast with fellow bloggers at Sumilon island. Was able to get that beach break when we were able to tour the island despite the rain. The weather didn’t cooperate but we still had fun. I went to Sumilon and met new faces in the blogging community. I’ll be posting the pictures soon as … Read more

going to Sumilon with other bloggers

After creating the entry about Maribago Blue Waters Resort in this blog, I got lucky to be picked as one of those who’ll participate in the Sumilong Island Tour for bloggers. It’s been raining real hard and I actually have a flu but I’ll be joining later on. It’ll only be for a day anyway, … Read more

company outing at maribago bluewater resort

The company where I work usually conducts the summer outing every June. I wasn't able to talk about it here in my blog when it would've been really great to share some of the experiences. Last year, it was at Vista Mar in Mactan, this time we went to another beach in the same island called … Read more

CamSur Caramoan: Manlawi , Cotivas and Sabitang-Laya

Manlawi , Cotivas and Sabitang-Laya Caramoan Islands Camarines Sur Our second day of island hopping in the Caramoan Islands in CamSur. This day was a bit longer but we only had 3 islands to drop because of time constraints. Hopping to the islands are definitely farther because it took about an hour for us to … Read more

update of our CamSur adventure

It’s 7am. I’m in an internet cafe here in Manila somewhere near Gateway mall. Got lucky to find one at this hour. The past few days were pretty exciting and tiring at the same time. Just had an 8-hour bus trip from Naga to Manila. Eight effin’ hours! We went island hopping in some of … Read more

backpacking to Caramoan

We’re off to Caramoan!!! All the way from Cebu we’ll be heading off to the islands that are comparable (or even fair better) than Palawan or Boracay! Weee. We’re going on a very tight budget since we don’t have a lot of cash. I’ll be going with a few colleagues who are also cheapskates at … Read more

update none

Haven’t received any update from Richard Burgos about the offer of a FREE trip to Enchanted Kingdom but I’m still going with a couple of friends anyway. This Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be fully booked. Aside from going to EK, I’ll be attending our Company Summer Outing this Sunday. Although it’s going to be jam-packed, … Read more

davao day 2: bluejaz resort

We initially planned on going to Paradise Island which was the beach resort where we always went out every weekend either with my mother or father's side during the good old days. However, there was a new resort near Paradise that my cousins still haven't tried out so we went to BlueJaz resort instead. Boat … Read more

field trip to the south

Late post: Had a field trip in our Hist15 class –> wow, field trip; so gradeschool.hehe Everything went fine actually. It didn’t rain so there wasn’t any problem with the weather. We were able to go to the planned places. I even got to mingle and talk to my classmates whom I just knew by … Read more

mango float

I’m steel peeling off from the sunburn I accumulated when we visited  BlueJaz, a resort in Samal island, in Davao. Now my skin’s itching like crazy. ————– The day after I arrived home from Davao, aside from buying a new Walkman phone for my younger brother, I also bought some ingredients so I could make … Read more

Malapascua cancelled

The weather, we were planning to go to Malapascua but because of the bad weather, I had to bail out. Wow, me –> bailing out on a trip. Malapascua is one of the places I planned to go to, aside from Sumilon, Camiguin and I don’t know what else. Still, it’s one of the lists … Read more