CamSur Caramoan: Manlawi , Cotivas and Sabitang-Laya

Manlawi , Cotivas and Sabitang-Laya
Caramoan Islands
Camarines Sur

Our second day of island hopping in the Caramoan Islands in CamSur. This day was a bit longer but we only had 3 islands to drop because of time constraints. Hopping to the islands are definitely farther because it took about an hour for us to reach the islands.

We just used a small pump boat so we didn't have any place to lean our backs on which made the transportation a bit uncomfortable compared to the developed island-hopping activities in Cebu. But it was still nice to see big rock formations in the islands.

P2500 – island hopping for the whole day (again, you can get a cheaper price if you just ask for the tariff from the Inn as they have copies)
P600 – lunch
P500 – Tour Guide (standard rate)
P35-P45 for the viand plus P10 rice – lunch at the local carenderia

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at Paniman beach

camsur island hopping caramoan 
going to Manlawi

From Paniman we went to a sandbar in Manlawi island. We were wondering too, where the heck the sandbar was because we didn't see one when we the boat stopped. We only saw water with a lighter shade because of how low the water was but it was all covered with water. The boatmen informed us that it was low tide and the sand the sand will show up after a couple of minutes. They told us to just leave our things in a lone small tree with no leaves in the middle of the water. We were apprehensive at first because they were also going to leave us in the middle of the water and they will just cook our lunch at another island but what the heck. We could still see some islands and worse comes to worst, we'll just swim using my friends' life vests. hehe.

caramoan island island hopping camsur 
where we put our stuff. a leafless tree.

camsur sandbar camsur sand 
here's the sandbar in Manlawi!

caramoan sand

We gave some money to Kuya Jay the previous day because he suggested that we eat fresh grilled food for lunch. We didn't regret that because instead of eating packed lunch that would turn cold, we ate fresh seafood and pork that was laid out in banana leafs, Kuya Jay also brought some plates but we deemed that it would definitely be better if we eat cowboy style directly from the leaf. I was so full at that tiain, we were the only ones there.

camarines sur sand camsur lunch
Kuya Jay preparing and then eating our lunch!

We were at the Cotivas island when we ate our lunch and then we trekked a few meters to the main area where we also saw a structure that was recently used by Survivor Bulgaria. It was a nice stretch of sand and we were the only ones there. We just tried to take advantage of the place. It was low tide though, it would've been nicer if the water rose.

camsur forest caramoan survivor 
at Cotivas island, Survivor stuff

survivor philippines camsur dog 
covered, a dog at Cotivas

After Cotivas, we dropped by Sabitang-Laya where we saw really good rock formations that were perfect for taking pictures. This was our last stop and we had to head back to our Inn.

rock caramoan rock 
Sabitang-Laya rocks

camsur rocks
rocks again

caramoan island rocks camsur survivor 
no other person in the island

rocks sabitang laya sabitang laya 
water and rock formations

rock in sabitang laya camsur rocks paniman 
fooling around

caramoan climb caramoan rocks 
last look, climbing

It was of perfect timing because when we went back to Paniman beach, strong winds started to happen and we knew that it wouldn't be good if we were still on the water. It would've been better if we were able to go to that shrine with a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary of peace which is at the top of Mt. Caglago but we were informed by Kuya Jay that we didn't have enough time already since we started the tour a little late.

well fresh water 
back at Paniman. cooling down with fresh water from a well!

We ate again at Lutong Bahay and then slept as we needed to be early the next day for our trip back to Sabang Port so we could go to the CamSur Watersports Complex for some wake boarding action!

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