dessert factory

Doi and I accompanied Audrey at SM because she was going to buy a new camera. I’m excited for her as well since we both wanted one ever since we met; I was just able to buy on first. Now that she is another, she can now start blogging with her own pictures.

In line with this new purchase, I took advantage and the situation and asked Audrey to treat us snacks. Since she was still high from finally buying a camera, I know she’d have a hard time saying no. hehe. peace Auds! That’s what I’ve felt when I bought my Olympus. Anyway, off we went downstairs to the Dessert Factory.

They’re cheaper than other cheesecake establishments I’ve already gone to. Sad to say though, as much as I wanted to savor every bite, the cakes weren’t as tasty as I thought. Well, maybe because I just ordered a brownie, and the shakes had more milk than fruits. To be fair though, I loved the blueberry cheesecake which I didn’t order. hehe.

I was able to eat here twice though, still because I was treated by colleagues at work. I was able to eat their grilled pork bellies, they tasted so good. Overall, the dessert is just okay, it just didn’t meet my expectations.

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at SM



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strawberry something


blueberry cheesecake

let our powers combine!


shakes: mango, strawberry, and ube (for me)

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  1. hi.  id like u to try lmg's cheesecake.  lani m garcia.  try it and u wnat to try it once more.  search for her in the net.. lani m garcia or  the best ever … hehe… thanks for your blogs.    


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