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My, my. It’s been a very long while since I updated this blog. Not sure if it has reached a year already or more. I haven’t kept track. Please pardon the absence as my life outside my day job has been swamped with a lot of projects. To the point that I haven’t done anything to update this page. I’m not complaining about these extra tasks as they are keeping me busy.

Blogging in Dubai, Still

I sometimes get messages and comments from new readers thanking me for the resources I’ve written which have helped them craft their own stories of travel and pursuing what they want. These messages are treasured in memory and when I suddenly come across these notes, I am reminded that this site and some of my adventures have served part of their purpose.

I feel that somehow, I owe you, my readers, an update where the heck in world is Ed. So let me spill a few beans…

dubai creek
Dubai Creek

From Retail to Online Marketing

Still based in Dubai, I switched from my retail job inside a mall to an office job doing online marketing. I am practicing the skills I’ve acquired through years of blogging. This reinforces the value of blogging in my career and it’s all the more reason for me to keep the blog up.

soloflightEd serves as my online resume to prospect employers. It showcases myself and what I can technically and potentially do.

I remember that I’ve booked plenty of freelance jobs in odesk in the past because of this site. Even the short stint I had when I worked in a resort in Malaysia for a couple of months, the blog has helped the hiring manager see my personality after reading this site; and became one of the factors of my employment. My blog is my craft and my foundation. This is my portfolio.

dubai fountain
Dubai water fountain

Online Status

Aside from switching to a new job in Dubai, I’ve been maintaining a low key status online.  I don’t even update my personal profile on Facebook as much as I used to.

I realized that in order for me to reach my goals, I have to sacrifice a few habits. This includes being “visible” online. Blogging, Facebook and Social Media, and being active online has decreased rapidly in this soloflightEd persona.

The thought of being silent is something that I’m still debating, but the lesser attachment, the more I can concentrate on money-making strategies.

daily dubai metro commute
Dubai Metro daily commute

Shifted Focus

Let me go back a little. I may not be as visible online, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been blogging altogether. My focus has shifted to other online projects and these projects are working out better than when I was backpacking. Ironic that now that I have less time, I’ve been more focused on making these sidelines work. Knowing that I have lesser spare time, I have to prioritize and organize. Financial freedom is the main goal, and it’s something that I’m glad I’ve finally realized.

Being here in Dubai made me travel to countries less due to my job. But even so, I’m maximizing my time to accomplish various tasks which will all lead to my envisioned future.

desert dubai
Dubai desert

I cannot promise that I will or will not post more articles in this site as I may or may not. I just feel that an update to some regular readers who still visit this page would be a fitting courtesy. So thanks again to fellow online lurkers and if you’re an avid visitor, please brace yourself (or not) for some blog posts published once every blue moon.

Till then, peace out!  😉

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7 thoughts on “soloflightEd Dubai Blog Update”

  1. Hi Ed! I visited your blog for the first time in years and it’s awesome to read about your journeys. It’s good that you still continue to blog despite being busy.

    I totally agree with what you said. Your blog is your portfolio. And a very impressive one at that. 🙂

    • Hi Nuke! haha. Actually I haven’t blogged in a verrrrryyy lonnggg time on this site. I’ve been building other ‘blogs’ other than this site. Thanks for visiting! Glad that things seem to be going well for you — developing sites, coding, etc. 🙂


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