How to Earn Online While Travelling

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I bring my laptop with me in most of my trips. Although it consumes a lot of space in my backpack, I have online obligations that I need to fulfill in order to help fund my travels. I can’t really work on my rest days at home as most of my days off are also spent on the road. That’s why in order to maximize my time, I go online to work on freelance tasks. I know I talked about how to save money for your trips and extreme saving tips and one of the tips was to earn extra income by pursuing your passion. Blogging has paved way to other opportunities for me to do so.

Here are some areas where you can earn income online while you’re on the road.

Sponsored/Paid Posts

If you have a site that has a lot of traffic and has established a bit of authority online, companies will contact you to review their products and all you have to do is share your thoughts. Once you write a blog entry about it, you’ll be compensated depending on your online presence as well as your agreement between the advertiser.

You can also get invited to events and company marketing promotions. I was luckily chosen for a Cebu to Hong Kong flight courtesy of Airphil Express and all I was tasked to do was blog about my experience there. So these sponsored posts don’t have to come in the form of cash.

Ad Placement

Still the same concept with traffic, you can place an ‘Advertise’ space in your site to attract companies to place banner ads on your page at an agreed fee. You may also opt to place Google Adsense instead, wherein you’ll be able to earn if somebody clicks on those Ads. Adsense is another whole topic to discuss though as they say this is the most effective and high revenue-generating source for publishers/website owners.

Freelance Jobs

This can be done either online through different job marketplaces like,,, etc. or by being a Virtual Assistant. Actually there are a lot of opportunities online once you understand the skills that you acquire through blogging. That’s why I advise people to sign up for a blog if they want to learn more about making money on the net.

Doi & Audrey – back when we would swarm WiFi cafes to work

Aside from online jobs, you can also use your skills and get hired to cover events as a photographer, or work as a part-time teacher in another country. Bank on the skills you’re good at and use them to your advantage.

Niche Blogging

Building quality sites that attract traffic to a certain market. The tip is to find a topic that’s specific and start from that. Just make sure that you do proper research that and make sure it’s a niche that’s worth building a site on. SEO plays a big part here.

Online Games

I’m not a fan of online games as it consumes a lot of time. But my brother has earned a few thousand pesos by developing online characters to a certain level, and sells them to prospect buyers. I know of a former colleague who quit his job in order to play partypoker (seriously!) and earn a living from it. I’d like to get in touch with him to learn the basics. I also met a foreign backpacker in Sagada who also earns from the same vice. So games not only serve as a past time, they can also shoulder some costs in the process.

 work online
Work At Home, Work Anywhere

There are a lot more options for you to earn. Some of the things I’d like to educate myself on would be Affiliate Marketing, CPA Leads, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Online Selling, Flipping Websites,  etc. You can be anywhere in the world too, while doing these things. Ultimately, I wouldn’t have known about these had I not started blogging that’s why I’m very thankful for being curious about the internet and creating my own page on the web 8 years ago.

Things are shaping up and I’m glad to have settled some bills in order to get rid of compounding interests and finally put my feet back on the map. I’m planning to be location-independent but I don’t want to speak too soon. Earning income online while on the road is a bonus as blogging is already one of my passions. When you love what you’re doing, you don’t feel that it’s work at all.

Do you have other online business opportunities that worked for you?

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35 thoughts on “How to Earn Online While Travelling”

  1. This is a very interesting article and I will bookmark this! 😛
    Haha no this is not a spam message LOL. Seriously, this making money online thing is the reason why I worry less even if i don't have a stable job as of the moment. I am just thankful that i discovered the sponsored posts opportunities way back and of course, Google adsense. Blogging opened a lot of opportunities for me and i am thankful that I am location-independent right now. Also, I enjoy talking to you about these things. You sort of remind me that i need to exert more effort! Hehe keep it up Ed!

  2. if i have the time, ill definitely grab this opportunity but not in the coming months. ill take note of this and might start considering it by next year. daming natututo sa mga post mo na ganito.

  3. @Micamyx: For a moment, I thought Akismet was acting up again. hehe. Thanks also for sharing your tips, Mica! It's great to surround yourself with like-minded people so we can learn from each other as well as motivate ourselves to push ourselves further. Let's exert some more! Kayang-kaya natin ang ating mga foreign counterparts! 😀

    @batang lakwatsero: it's good. I remember the first time I had to set up my first Paypal account. mas malayo pa ang mararatnan mo especially when you started early! Keep exploring! Congrats on your first earnings!

    @dong ho: thanks dom! I also want to learn speaking in public na rin para kumita ng extra as a sideline like what you are doing! 😀

    @chyng: haha. daming earnings, daming utang din! tatapusin ko dapat mga utang para mawala na silang lahat! haha 😀

    @Chamz: thanks chamz. Yes, I consider my laptop as an asset and it was a very good investment! thanks!

    @minhaz: thanks for dropping by!

  4. Blogging indeed opens lots of opportunities to curious creatures, depende na yun sa kung ano ang kaya at gusto nilang gawin amidst all the opportunities at hand…pero I've tried blogging while travelling…DMD ahahah i enjoy too much taking pictures and notes to blog later..

  5. I can relate to "laptop consumes a lot of space in my backpack" hehe. My jobs are all online based so I have no choice but to bring a laptop on travel. Yes, I agree on the rest – the internet has paved the way to these online opportunities. 🙂

  6. @vernon go: daming raket talaga online. haha. I usually blog when I have time off at night or I need to update something while waiting for a flight at the predeparture area.

    @pinoy travel freak: great to be location-independent noh? But yeah, hope to invest in a smaller one but still with mean capabilities. 😀

    @tripper10: haha. di ako yumayaman. sana nga lang. 🙂

    @mervz: thanks mervz! yep, wag muna pag conflict kasi mahirap na. haha. yeah, grabe pati online games may pera! 😀

    @monette: haha, wow monette! parang di ka busy sa totoong buhay ah! nagoonline job pa! 😀

  7. Ed, do you have any idea on the usual rates for Ad Placements, Paid posts, etc? I've had some inquiries before but I didn't know what to reply kasi.
    Also, as much as possible I prefer not bringing my laptop to trips but eventually I had to in order to finish some freelance projects. Pero sometimes it's hassle pa rin to bring work to trips. Takot din kasi ako na baka masira or manakaw eh. =(
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I always wanted to try this, oDesk for one but always I get too lazy to start it out. Maybe I need a kick in the butt to jumpstart things. Hoping I could start soon though.

  9. Being location-independent has its challenges din sometimes. Boredom being one of them. Not always easy to find ways to entertain yourself. But it surely has more perks than disadvantages. More time to feed one's soul kesa feed the egos of other creatures inside an office. Can't wait to become good in SEO like you. Nice post!

  10. @thepinaysolobackpacker: toinks, di ako master! may mas marami pang nakakaalam sakin. but thanks for the tip gael sa mystery shopper! 😀

    @robbie: Hi Rob, PM me on FB. It usually depends on the rank of your site and the traffic, etc.. Still have to work on setting a price for them though. Hassle din but if you're on the road for a long time (5 days) gamit na gamit talaga. 😀 thanks!

    @marky: I think you're already doing good as well with your magazine write-ups Marky. That's a great way to increase your portfolio. But yeah, just slowly build your profile 😀

    @drew: haha, not sure if I can label myself 'good' in SEO. I don't know a lot though, it's always a work in progress to check the latest updates on how Google works. But yeah, as for being location-independent, I think the biggest challenge is how to get yourself to work.. It goes with those home-based workers. But if I get to live in another country, I'd definitely want to bring my work with me! 😀

  11. clap clap clap para sa kumikitang kabuhayan na yan. hahah! Nice tips. So magreresign ka na ganun? lol! Prang familiar sa kin kung sino yung part time teacher/event photographer. hihihi!

    agree ako sa "When you love what you’re doing, you don’t feel that it’s work at all." Apir! First time kong nakahanap ng company na tumagal ako ng taon. hahah!

  12. @kura: lol parang show talaga. kumikitang kabuhayan. haha. thanks kura! di pa ako magreresign, kulang pa ang pera. lol. pero yeah, marami tayong skills na di natin akalaing kikita pero if we start somewhere, we can definitely go to places. 😀 wow, 5 years plus na kasi ako sa same company. hehe 😀

    @morion: let's keep evolving and developing our blogs! I didn't realize my site would reach like this after how many years 🙂

  13. I am hesitant on placing ads in my site because i thought it would compromise my blog layout's aesthetics… I have yet to find an ad that will complement to my site's layout. OC siguro tawag dun. I don't know, hehe.
    But i will try this! Sayang kasi yung time sa pagiinternet, atleast productive ang pagoonline. 🙂
    Also, nakabenta na rin ako ng sarili kong character once for 10k, during the time nung adik pa ko sa online games. Hindi rin biro magpalakas ng character at ibenta yun afterwards. pero worth it naman 🙂

  14. I believe there's a pot of gold in blogging for those really determined ones – some people I know did quit their day jobs in order to concentrate on 'online' work. I got plenty of emails and offers, usually asking me to affiliate with them and some – like you already pointed out – willing to pay for sponsored posts! I just wished I have plenty of time to sit in front of a computer 🙂

  15. Thanks for the tips! 🙂 I actually work homebased right now in but I'm still looking for other ways to earn online. It's great to have an extra avenue to earn money for traveling and other expenses. I'm actually curious about earning through online games because my cousin right now is unemployed and I think this is the perfect job for him.
    Have a nice weekend. Taga Cebu ka pala.  Nindot kaayo na naa nay direct flight ang Airphil Express padung sa HongKong. Convenient na talaga. 🙂

  16. hi ed, i definitely agree with you. I quit my job since Dec of last year to focus on online work. I would say na masaya at mahirap din at the same time. 🙂 Sa oDesk din ako at try ko din gumawa ng blog with a specific niche at ung poker. hahaha. More power!

  17. @byron: it depends on you on what would work best to your site's layout. I know sometimes they're a hassle but if they pay some of my expenses, it's good enough for me. hehe. until I will really earn a lot, then dyan muna sila. hehe. at least kahit papaano, nakabenta ka rin ng online character. 😀

    @the nomadic pinoy: hope to concentrate on 'online' work in the near future so I can travel more! haha, you can probably just hire somebody to write for you and just get a percentage of that earning! haha. mahahanapan talaga ng paraan, just make sure you have the same quality content. hehe

    @karla: no problem! there's still a lot that I want to learn. yep, but make sure they love blogging first cause it would be a challenge if it doesn't work out as fast as it might be. yeah, cebu ta karun. mao lagi! salamat!

    @Liza: hi Liza! wow buti ka pa. there's something about working at home/anywhere na medyo nahihirapan ako. the loneliness! haha. medyo people-person kasi ako and I like to surround myself with people. pero yeah, will definitely transition some time soon if I want to travel more.

    @gladys: haha, especially during long trips gladys! mas maganda pag kumikita ka sa mga passion mo 😀

  18. super true yung about sa online games. the other day kausap ko lang din yung kapatid ko and he's so proud na may pera daw siya dahil nagbenta siya ng character. in fair, mahal din pala ang characters na yun. keep writing. i'll visit again soon.:)

  19. Good list, thanks! I liked that you mentioned playing online as an income source 🙂 I do know some people who make good money playing poker actually. But I feel like doing a blog is more rewarding in terms of interesting things to do and people to meet than playing poker online for hours…

  20. Hmmm how timely. Is this a sign? Been getting proposals (unfortunately not indecent, hehe) online for some money-making schemes, pero deadma lang ako. Usually mga writing gigs. Patulan ko na ba? 🙂 Just dunno how much the going rate for online writing jobs.


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