For the first time

I still cringe of putting the title as is. I still can’t believe I watched a Tagalog movie in a theater seating in Ayala for the first time (pun intended)… waaaaaa.

For the first time, I watched this movie in an Ayala cinema! To think this was on an opening day! wahahaha.

The last time I watched Filipino movies in a theater I can’t remember anymore. I still don’t have any plans of watching because of that colonial mentality already. But since I was just treated by a colleague (freebies!!!), I obliged. haha.

Girl hates guy, guy likes girl; they meet in Greece (faith?) because the boy is the owner of the place where the girl is staying. A short vacation, a short fling. Girl goes home, moves on with life; and the guy realizes he loves her. toinks.

I just don’t like the idea of that slo-mo effect whenever ‘kilig‘ scenes were being shown with the theme song being played over and over again, but I guess that’s a Filipino staple already when it comes to movie-making to satisfy the masses’ craving.

The backdrop and the place was good. It’s Greece.

I just wanted it to have more confrontations. I mean, it was already good that they built the story up with the two lovebirds. When the characters broke up, with the woman in an emotional breakdown, the reconciliation part was just cut too short. I think that’s one of the downsides.

The movie wasn’t that great, but it’s nice; I think. hehe. Maybe I’m just totally biased and I expected too much from it. Or it maybe because of the ending on why it came to be. Added to the fact that the cinema was full (on a weekday! and most people were broke) and we were left to seat on the front row (really front row) and tilt our heads up for the whole duration, we were seeing blown up sizes of the actors.

Anyway, watch it, you be the judge. hehe. For the first time. wahahahaha.

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7 thoughts on “For the first time”

  1. LOL.

    i remember my cousin from canada dragged me into watching the movie starring john lloyd(sp?) and sara g in eastwood. my cousin’s really fond of tagalog movies since they seldom get to watch it where they live.

    let’s just say it was a very.. liberating experience. LOL. LOL. LOL. tawa ako ng tawa kasi there was this girl na feel na feel nya talaga yung movie tas she was commenting in a very very very loud manner, tipong parang bahay lang ah. LOL.

    i admit, i did watch the one with bea and john lloyd, i think it was ‘one more chance’? ok naman. haha. in fairness, naka-relate ako hahahahahahah.

  2. amia: haha. yeah, it was the opening day and we were forced to seat at the front row, tapos late pa kami when we arrived. tapos open pa yung lights. so medyo naspotlight pa kami going to our seats, all the time I was trying to hide my face. lol.

    at least when i got to the office, i kept on telling colleagues at work about it. and they’re going to watch it tomorrow. wow, di ko alam im that persuasive. hehehehe.

    Eds last blog post..applying again

  3. louraine: watch it watch it!!! haha. the ending was just abrupt, too abrupt. but it was okay, i survived anyway. hehe thanks for dropping by! 🙂

    neste: haha, yeah. hey that was ages ago! hehe. i now remember i watched Panaghoy sa Suba because of an assignment in my NSTP class. wait that’s a Bisaya movie. anyway…


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