free tickets to Enchanted Kingdom!

I got free tickets to Enchanted Kingdom!


Some time two weeks ago I blogged about how I was able to go to Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna but was not able to enter due to a Family Day sponsored by a telecommunications company. It was a bummer for me to be there on the actual site but only up to the entrance. However when I published my post, somehow the Head of Guest Relations dropped by and left a comment. I'm posting it again.
I want to commend your effort and reward your persistence. Next time you are in Manila, contact me and I will provide you FREE access to the park. Hopefully you will enjoy the park and discover that, no, it hasn’t been bought by somebody else after all. And that it is real and exciting!

Richard P. Burgos
Head of Guest Relations
Enchanted Kingdom


At first, I didn't want to believe right away that this was true but I also gave it the benefit of a doubt considering how formal the comment looked like. I contacted Richard thru his email and thru Facebook and informed him that I'd be visiting with some friends on a Saturday. However, I was having a hard time getting a reply from him.

Anyway, on the said date, I was finally happy to see that EK was open for public! I also saw a Guest Relations office beside the ticketing booths and decided to drop by and inquire. Just my luck, although Richard wasn't there around 2pm, he left a note to the staff cause they were expecting my arrival. I felt like a VIP considering the gesture of leaving complimentary tickets for me which I gladly accepted.

In the end, I finally got to try the rides in the amusement park. I lost my voice too, from all the screaming and shouting. To think that I haven't slept since I went directly from my shift. RioGrande Rapids, Anchors Away, Up, Up and Away, Roller Skater, Flying Fiesta, Wheel of Fate and much more; so many spots to go to, so little time.


When it was time for us to go home, I saw a familiar face at the exit thanking their customers for coming. I realized then that it was THE man himself, Richard. I introduced myself and had a small chitchat about how I was able to arrive here. What's great is how accommodating he sounded and he was really nice and even took the time to introduce himself to the people I was with; one by one. When narrating the story of finally being able to enter the park, he even mentioned the bike that I also blogged about last time. It just goes to show that he really is attentive to details. I wonder when will I get this type of excellent service for customer satisfaction again; it erased whatever negative emotion I had. We left contented with smiles on our faces.

I am also thankful for having Nizza, Carlo, Kay & So with me on that day. At least I didn't have to worry about looking like a lunatic alone from all the screaming cause I had company. hehe. Sigh, the power of blogging.


Thanks Richard and Enchanted. It was a blast!

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11 thoughts on “free tickets to Enchanted Kingdom!”

  1. Jeff: salamat talaga for blogging. ang saya cause libre! hehe.

    Blogger Corner: Hi Pra! hehe. at least now I can say I’ve been to Enchanted Kingdom na! πŸ™‚

  2. you know, sometime last april 2008 i was with my family and we also didn’t get to enjoy enchanted kingdom because of the same problem… A telecommunications company outing, too. it wasn’t announced in public that is why we weren’t aware. would you believe it, we came all the way from pampanga. what a big bummer. good for you that you had some perks after the incident. i wish i had the same idea of blogging it, too, so some higher-ups may do something about it.

    julie lacson

    • hi julie: yeah, to think that I came all the way from Cebu and it was my 2nd time to get jinxed. im really lucky to have this venue to blog my thoughts. you can actually write to them if you want by visiting their site. richard (head of guest relations) was really accommodating. πŸ™‚


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