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WTF is a cow statue doing on the lobby of the i2 Building in Asiatown IT Park?

On my way to the office one morning I was running as I was already late for work. I noticed a statue of cow displayed at the ground floor lobby. But I didn't really put much thought into it because of things preoccupying my mind at the time. Only when a colleague brought up the topic did I remember it which also made me ask why a statue of a cow was there.

He was also wondering what the cow was doing on the lobby. We all know that it's almost Halloween but why would a cow be part of the display. Is it to scare us? "Moo!" instead of "Boo!"?

According to another colleague, he said that cows have horns which is associated with hell which is related to Halloween.

The most logical reasoning that another colleague told me was that the cow is a sacred animal of Indians and we have trainers who came from India as of the moment. So does that mean that this statue was set up temporarily for these folks?

Haha, I don't get myself sometimes. With all the answers given, it's really funny how people's minds work. I know I should stop talking about cows and such but I just can't help but shake my head from side to side when I see this weird display.

cow i2

Does anybody have a more believable answer?

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4 thoughts on “help me understand”

  1. hi eds,

    nice post about the cow. i think your indian trainors are hindus, hindus worship the cows…

    anyways, i just want to ask how to make my own background. i am thinking of creating a blog or another multiply acct. and i want unta for my own personal bg. thanks!

    • hi rols. it depends on the type of blog host. if blogspot. they have customized themes that you can search for. for multiply, you can use it’s a bit hard to explain but there are instructions. usually they have preset themes which you can choose for starters.

    • ahh. use CSS – custom style sheet.

      try to find a template with a picture that you can put. what you have to do is check the size of the picture in the template. then create a picture with the same size using any photo editing software. after that, upload the picture in like PHotobucket. then you can use the link of the picture you’ve uploaded and replace the picture in the template.


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