is it just me?

Or do I always end up with a jinx in airports? Right now I’m at the Cebu Mactan International Airport because I’m supposed to have a flight at 11:15am (15 minutes from now) however when we had our e-tickets exchanged for boarding passes awhile ago, Philippine Airlines (PAL) told me that I’m actually scheduled for another flight (at 3:15pm). I checked my ticket again and indeed it’s at 3:15. Sheesh. My colleagues are already boarding the flight and I’m stuck here surfing the internet while wasting the time away.

It’s a good thing that they have free internet connection here courtesy of SmartBro. Even if the sign says it’s only good for 15 minutes, I know I’m going to stay longer. What the heck it’s only a 4-difference. I asked Doi to buy me some Chocolat cakes since they’ll arrive in Manila early. At least our trip won’t be until 8pm so I still have some time unless another jinx will happen (knocking on wood).
We’ll be off to the Caramoan islands and hopefully everything will push through properly.

I just probably have to find some food available for lunch cheap food that is
Malas ba ako?

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2 thoughts on “is it just me?”

    • haha. onga. but at least i still had time to travel and meet up with my companions too. or else, i’d totally be left behind manila. tsk tsk. ๐Ÿ™‚


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