i heard that my terror teacher back in highschool got breast cancer.
and after undergoing an operation, she only has one of her breasts
left. and now, she doesn’t have an advisory class so she doesn’t have
to get mad all the time…

by the way, our terror teacher is our religion teacher who is also the
school’s self-proclaimed disciplinarian regarding school tardiness and
some student misbehavior problems. one time back in 3rd year high…
we had only three sections and each one had a bad reputation… also,
i sometimes call her miss binladen…

miss binladen: “ano bang nangyayari sa mga 3rd year?!

ang mga Queen of Angels ay mga killers!—someone was bringing a knife
in school.

ang St. Michael ay mga cheaters!—some people were forging the
signature of a teacher.

and kayo mga St. Raphael ay mga bomba stars!—my friend got caught
having a nude drawing in his notebook that was made a year before.

she’s one of the teachers i hate the most. and now this is what
happened to her… i like to call it karma coz it’s true anyway.

i can make a longer testimonial of how mad we were at her and i can
brag about all the unnecessary projects and assignments she gave us…
but i opted not to. i guess the sensitive side of me in this feeble
life of mine still prevails. though the torture was terrible in our
part before graduation, i feel more sorry for her. now, she doesn’t
have an advisory class in school. and people are treating her more
kindly (though she doesn’t deserve it), so not to shorten her life.

ack. cancer. wonder what will happen to me though in the future. what
diseases i might carry.

posted Monday, 21 June 2004

A visitor made this comment,
cancer.. ack. so many not-so-good memories. hay, at least that part of
my life’s passed. hehe. just gotta take care of ourselves. 🙂

comment added :: 21st June 2004, 17:17 GMT+08
crunchies made this comment,
you’ll never know what’s gonna hit you. or someone you love.
sabi nga, pag hinabaan pa ang buhay mo, ibig sabihin binibigyan ka pa
ng time to make up to everyone. i hope she does for her own sake. pray
for her na rin.

comment added :: 21st June 2004, 18:15 GMT+08
CNBGirl made this comment,
often times, angry people are just misunderstood and being angry is
their way of venting out their frustrations… we should still believe
in the inherent goodness of people… 😉

comment added :: 21st June 2004, 20:06 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
hard as it may be but pray for your ex-teacher. she needs that now
more than ever.

comment added :: 22nd June 2004, 14:16 GMT+08

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