Dining in Middle Eastern Restaurants

I’ve been staying in Dubai for more than 2 years now and even if I haven’t been travelling outside as often, I usually spend my days off by touring other places in the UAE with my girlfriend. Sometimes when I don’t have much time, we tend to go out and grab a bite to taste what the Arabian cuisine has to offer.

The Middle East means business. Over the past few decades, Dubai and other cities have become unstoppable magnets for industry and wealth. The food and drink industries have not been left behind in this surge. You have plenty of choices to choose from given that there are so many foreigners in the Middle East.

dubai desert
Dubai desert

A Variety of Arabic Cuisine in the Middle East

Due to the large expat community, expect to find culinary fare from across the globe. Here are three stand-out establishments:

La Serre Bistro and Boulangerie, Dubai

It’s hard to believe but around 90% of those who work in the UAE are foreigners. This cultural diversity is on show in Dubai’s buzzing restaurant scene, where you can find almost any style of food you want. French cuisine is famous the world over and one of the best places to ‘eat as the French do’ in downtown Dubai is La Serre. You’ll find La Serre between the towering Burj Khalifa building and the Business Bay at Vida Downtown. The excellent bistro serves meticulously crafted French cuisine as well as dishes that celebrate Mediterranean culture more generally – making it a great spot for a romantic meal. If you’re in Dubai on business and don’t have much time to kill, you can stop in for some freshly prepared baked goods at La Serre’s boulangerie.

middle east food
Arabic cuisine

Abou El Sid Restaurant and Bar, Zamalek, Cairo

Cairo’s important geographical location is the perfect recipe for a transfusion of different cuisines. Historically it has been the central hub of myriad trade routes from Africa, Asia and Europe. And with Palestine, Lebanon and Syria on the doorstep, it’s no wonder that Cairo’s restaurants have such vibrant menus. One such restaurant is Abou El Sid, which has a fantastic reputation for quality and innovation. It owes its origins to the legend of its namesake Abou El Sid, a poor and unfortunate man who was famous for his benevolent generosity and skill in the kitchen. His original recipes inspire the menus to this day. Try incredible tajins, mixed grill platters, stews and speciality fish dishes at this colourful restaurant. Find out more about Abou El Sid and other top restaurants in Egypt with this handy Cairo restaurant directory.

arabic food
Middle East food

Opal by Gordon Ramsay Restaurant, Doha

There aren’t many finer places to dine in Qatar than this. Styled as a ‘total theatre of the senses’, this Doha restaurant pioneered by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is ideal for a special occasion. The cool white interiors are inspired by an English manor house, giving the restaurant a stylish and elegant atmosphere. Look forward to exquisite and innovative food carefully prepared by a team of experienced chefs with the freshest local and international produce. Wine lovers will be delighted by the choice on offer – the restaurant has received the prestigious Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. Experience the attention to detail and impeccable service that Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants are famous for.

dubai marina
buildings in the Middle East

The number of deliciously innovative restaurants like the ones listed above is steadily increasing every day. The Middle East is rightly emerging as a must-visit culinary destination that allows travellers and locals alike to experience a dazzling combination of traditional flavours prepared with modern flair.

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