Moalboal, Cebu: A Beach Fix from the Office and School

One of the easier beaches to access when you have limited time in Cebu is Moalboal. It’s a quick beach fix whenever there’s a need for you to get away from the city while enjoying the sun, sand, and water.

I’m a beach boy at heart. I used to spend weekends with my cousins in different beaches in Davao which may have resulted to my fondness of taking a dip in salt water when opportunities arise. With so many beaches I’ve featured in this blog, I wonder why I haven’t been able to create a write-up about this nice retreat when it’s very much accessible from the city.

moalboal cebu beach
hut under the heat of the sun

I also have a couple of fond memories of Moalboal. Those occasions were spent with colleagues at work and with classmates in school – both of which I was able to do at the same time. Remembering those times when I had to work at night and then study during the day, I found my much-needed stress buster in this beach.

moalboal beach
Moalboal beach
photo by Bangbang

How To Get to Moalboal
From the Southbound Citilink Terminal, you can hire a van at the Citilink terminal or bus to Barili at the South Bus Terminal. We usually take the van as its faster at 2.5 hours travel time.

Be warned though, that the van can get crowded and uncomfortable as they’ll fit 4 people in one row. Better to take the front seat.

Once you’ve arrived at the town in Basdaku, you can hire a trike to take you to the public beach resort. There are different cottages available or you can just set up your own tent. From there, you can start enjoying the beach. Food eateries are available and drinks are not that expensive so you can just eat there during lunch time.

Van Fare: 100 Php per person
Trike Fare: 30 Php

beach moalboal
with team mates at work
photo by Bangbang

To set expectations, the sand in Moalboal is not as powdery white as Bantayan’s or Malapascua‘s. The land is also uneven. There are parts when there are lots of corals and stones and there are parts where it’s pure sand. Also, one needs to be careful about the deep trench in the water so make sure you don’t swim too far.

These points are not meant to discourage people from visiting Moalboal. It just goes to show that one needs to be cautious to avoid unfortunate events just like in any other location. Still, this place has its own charm that any Cebuano would not hesitate recommending this place for a quick break.

moalboal shade
cool shade

Aside from swimming in the water or sunbathing, you may also ask some locals for skim boards for rent. Children of the townsfolk usually have boards available because it’s part of their past time. Maintain your balance and test your endurance.

Average Cost of Skimboard Rental: 100 Php for a full-day use.

skimboard moalboal
Got to stay on the platform for half a second.
photo by JennyRuth

Moalboal is a great place to chill and have a drink with friends and colleagues while singing your favorite tracks in your generation through karaoke machines that are a staple in every beach destination.

Videoke Sessions: 5 Php per song

videoke sessions are a staple
photo by BangBang

Before heading home, you can drop by the San Juan Nepomuceno Church Ruins which is located at the town. A better account of this landmark can be read through Marky’s blog article here: San Juan Nepomuceno Church Ruins in Moalboal

moalboal church
Church in Moalboal

Although best known for diving such as the island of Pescador, Moalboal is a quick place to take that much-needed beach fix with friends as there’s no need to spend a lot there. I tell you, you’ll make it through the day for less than 500 bucks; including fare.

Even back in my sophomore year in college. I took classes during Summer and recall the time when we had to answer a Physics exam as fast as we could as friends were already waiting for us there. At work, if a new team has been formed and there is a need to bond for team building’s sake, Moalboal comes up to mind.

moalboal cebu
kept telling these ladies to bend some more.
photo by JennyRuth

Of course, taking photos is another staple that one can’t deny when going to places. I scanned through my archive in my Multiply album to check out snapshots of this beach. I later realized that these photos were taken with borrowed digital cameras and low-resolution camera phones. I became more surprised when I found out that these shots were taken 4 years ago.

But even with the not-so-current technology, with a little tweaking and editing, one can still create art once an idea is conceptualized.

we heart summer

It’s been awhile since I last visited one of the first beaches I’ve stepped foot on in Cebu. I should get back to check how it’s been. Maybe I’ll try diving too, once I have enough funds.

Moalboal is located South of Cebu.



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27 thoughts on “Moalboal, Cebu: A Beach Fix from the Office and School”

  1. one of the best places in cebu! basdaku and pescador is worth a visit. ed, lets try diving soon. 🙂 great post, want me to go to moalboal this weekend…

  2. Same with Claire, i have only been to Bantayan Island. I never knew Moalboal is actually less than three hours away from the city. Puwede!!! Good tip man! Moalboal is actually very popular among foreigners! And I've read the nightlife is awesome there!

  3. @lakwatsera de primera: nice, isa pa yan sa mga goals ko, diving. but will save first 😀

    @carla: haha, ipon sa ta!. si fetus is going there daw. I want too! but wala pa budget and mangukay pako sa carbon. hahaha

    @micamyx: go go go! bisita ka na sa cebu mica! hehe

    @fetus: si carla nangita kuyog. kinsa imo kuyang dwin?

    @pinoy boy journals: yeah, less than 3 hours lang basta van. nightlife? it's been awhile since I last visited na talaga! i should refresh my memory of the place!

    • @fetus: daghan mangadto lagi sa moalboal karung panahuna. ay o, summer naman diay. hehe
      @chyng: at least may MOA kayo. lol. punta ka dito cebu chyng! 😀

    • @thepinaysolobackpacker: haha. i was thinking may magcomment sa pix haha. yeah. matagal-tagal na rin toh. I was 19 years old? or 20? haha. gael. shhh…
      @christian: wow, sa Cebu talaga bibili ha? hehe

    • @adventurousfeet: ey, thanks for dropping by! yep, taga cebu ako. dami ko pang gustong puntahan na di ko alam dito sa Visayas. I’m planning to maximize them this summer. 😀

  4. @Eric: no prob. you should come back! 😀

    @pinoy boy journals: haha, indeed. blessed ang cebu and actually ang Visayas in general. In Davao, Samal Island is only a 15-minute taxi ride to the port then 30 minutes to Samal Island.

    @Natalie: you should visit the Philippines! We've over 7107 islands here. take your pick! 😀

    @pinoy adventurista: no prob! bisita ka na!

  5. Hi! Were going to Cebu in November. We want to go the white beach,moalboal and stay there for an entire day and go back to the city the same day. What i would like to know:

    1. What’s the last trip of vans and buses going to the city?
    2. Last trip of trike to take us back to town?
    3. Any cottage that we can rent for the day at White Beach?
    4. once in the town proper, u said to hire a trike to take us to the public beach, where is the public beach? What’s the place called?
    and lastly, where exactly did u stay when u went here?


    • @pat: hi pat, I don’t have the information available as it’s been awhile since I last went there. But there are cottages around as well as trikes. Just tell them to take you to Basdaku.

  6. was i hating myself nung nabasa ko to.. nagfocus kase ko sa recent post mo. was in cebu last november and stayed in moalboal.. didnt enjoyed the place kase sa part na mabato ung beach na napuntahan namin.. but nxt time na magpunta ko dito hahanapin ko ang public beach.. 🙁


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