Natural Sights in Gran Canaria

While epic white beaches and a hot climate might be some of the main reasons people flock to the Canary Islands, Gran Canaria is a utopia for nature lovers. This is one Spain’s Canary Islands, and located off northwestern Africa.

Lush woodlands, volcanic hikes, botanical wonders, sand dunes, vibrant wildlife and marine life can be found in one trip. Throw in some spectacular vistas and sunsets and you really wouldn’t want to visit anywhere else!

Beautiful Spots in Gran Canaria

If you’re wondering what this island can offer, here are a few sights you can check out to satisfy your wanderlust. Get back to nature and put these sights on your must-visit list:

Tejeda Caldera

Set right in the heart of Gran Canaria is the area of Tejeda and it is made up of around 20 villages, including Tejeda, plus the caldera — a series of volcanic peaks including the famous Roques Bentayga and Nublo (which rises 1,813m above sea level). The terrain is uneven and unbelievably beautiful in equal measures. Even the seasoned hikers among you won’t be disappointed.

Rio de Estrellas
Photo by El Coleccionista de Instantes

Dunas de Masapalomas

These vast sand dunes, not entirely unlike the Sahara desert (the wind blows grains of Sahara sand this way), are the perfect place for a quiet, contemplative escape. Camel rides are also on offer through the dunes and visitors benefit from varied views of the azure Atlantic Ocean and mountains in the heart of the region.

Parque Natural de Pilancones

A nature reserve with unreserved beauty, you’ll be completely overwhelmed by the fragrance of pine trees and 7,940 hectares of natural landscape.

Marvellous marine life

Gran Canaria is renowned for its varied marine and endangered marine life. Loggerhead turtles, angel sharks and manta rays can be seen quite frequently, not to mention the array of exotic fish that can be found in many of the area’s reefs. Snorkelling or diving is guaranteed to be an exhilarating experience. If you don’t often swim, snorkel or dive but are still intrigued, the island has plenty of specialist diving schools to help you make the most of your journey under the sea…

Alung Banua Reef
Photo by mattk1979

Parque Natural de Tamadaba

To the north west of the island, you’ll find tropical plantations and beautiful bird species. Ravines cascade through this landscape and thanks to the combination of wildlife, rare botanical plants and interesting sights and sounds, a visit to this haven is a treat for the senses.

Bandama Volcano

One of Gran Canaria’s most popular attractions is the Bandama Volcano, a 376 hectare crater in the middle of volcanic rocks and mountains. It reaches almost 200 metres deep and is 1000 metres in diameter. As you’d expect, it’s rather humbling to stand at the edge and imagine how this was formed over 14 million years ago.

Frankly, with these natural sights and wonders and much, much more, it’s only natural that you’ll want to visit this island as soon as possible. Just remember, don’t arrive in Gran Canaria without having packed your hiking boots and camera!

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