Snorkelling at Tenggol Island in Terengganu, Malaysia

One of the perks while working in Tanjong Jara Resort was that during my days off, I could experience the activities that the resort offered. I couldn’t wait to sign up for a snorkelling trip at Tenggol Island in Terengganu, Malaysia when I found out about the adventure. I wanted to spend a day in the water and this was a perfect opportunity to unwind.

Snorkelling at Tenggol Island by Tanjong Jara Resort
Dungun, Terengganu

fishes tenggol
swimming with fishes

nemo tenggol island
clown fishes

I’ve been longing for a beach escape in my backpacking adventure and I was only able to do that during a trip to Bali, Indonesia. But even then, I didn’t get to swim as much as the water was much fit for surfing. That’s why I’m so glad to experience the snorkelling adventure at Tenggol Island twice. Yes, I went to this island twice!

tenggol island dungun
the beach

terengganu malaysia snorkel
Tenggol Island trip by Tanjung Jara Resort in Dungun, Terengganu

Aside from the snorkelling activity, I absolutely love the feel of the island. It’s very relaxed and the side where we docked is inhabited only by a few locals who serve as caretakers. I had a lot of space to sit under the sun while enjoying a soda.

What a nice view to have after a week of work. 🙂

terengganu island
the 7up helped in settling in after a 45-minute boat ride

Aside from swimming, another thing to look forward to is a great barbecue grill that awaits guests who sign up for this activity. Truly a perfect lunch break before we would go for another snorkelling and diving session.

tanjong jara food
steamed potatoes, spring rolls, wheat bread, vegetable and fruit salad, grilled chicken and prawns

Pulau Tenggol is a small island in the South China Sea off Tanjong Jara Resort, perfect for snorkeling and diving. The island forms part of the Terengganu Marine Park and is still a well-kept secret amongst the diving community. This means the reef is in almost perfect condition and, for people in the know, it is considered the best diving spot in Peninsular Malaysia.

tenggol island malaysia
marine life in Tanjong Jara Resort’s Tenggol island

Pulau Tenggol and its surrounding dive sites offer unforgettable underwater experiences for beginners and exciting adventures for experienced divers. Our expert guides, dive master and our PADI dive instructor who are all accustomed to the currents, waters and tides around the island, accompany each trip. – Tanjong Jara Resort

tenggol island snorkel
green corals

tenggol island coral
had to hold my breath long and dive deep to get this shot

It was so great to have this snorkelling activity that I signed up for another day trip during my last week in the resort. The second time I was here, we visited another side where the scuba divers usually dive.

tenggol island fishes
fishes, hundreds to thousands of these who suddenly swam together to eat sea plankton

Be cautious when diving too deep. I jumped right into the water and swam too deep without equalizing that after the first snorkelling session, I was carrying a big headache. It took me some time to recover from the incident.

diving tanjong jara resort

Visit Tenggol Island which is known for its rich marine life such as sea turtles, black-tipped reef sharks, and leather & hard corals. Aside from snorkelling, you can also sign up for scuba diving. How nice would it have been if I had a diving license, eh?

Tanjong Jara Resort: Unmistakably Malay

Tanjong Jara Resort is a YTL Luxury Resort located on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia which is built on a 17-hectare site facing the South China Sea.

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For two months in my backpacking adventure, I worked in a restaurant in a five-star resort in Malaysia. Check out my other adventures in Tanjung Jara Resort here:

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  1. it's good to know you stressed out the probability of having "bends" or decompression sickness when diving without proper gear/know-how. headache, deafness etc may set in, really.
    nice shots!  i could only wish i could swim with the fish too, hahaha!

    • @docgelo: wow, “bends” pala tawag dun. learned something today. I’ll equalize and will ask from free-diving friends how to adjust before going deep. langoy na doc! 🙂

  2. Wow. You are so lucky to get the job and stay at a 5-star hotel. Nakakainggit. I sure hope to snorkel in Terengganu someday. Medyo mahaba lang travel time from Singapore. When I did my research, I need at least 9hrs on a bus ride. Airfare will be pricey.

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