Picture on a Travel Magazine in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

On Travel – a free travel magazine in Malaysia.

We were headed back to Cebu from Malaysia. It was our last day and we were waiting for the Star Shuttle bus to take us to the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) in Kuala Lumpur.

At the bus station, we grabbed some free magazines to keep ourselves busy and to kill time.

on travel malaysia

on the lower-left corner…

malaysia shuttle station
Jao, paying our fare.

shuttle station Kuala Lumpurat the Star Shuttle Bus station

I was just scanning through a couple of pages about different tourist destinations in Malaysia and in Southeast Asia. In the middle of flipping through the leaves, Cindy  said that she saw a picture of myself on the Macau feature. I was skeptical at first but when she showed me the write-up, indeed I saw my bungy jump picture at the Macau Tower. She was right.

malaysia shuttle
my picture

The magazine was free but I didn’t care. I felt ecstatic at that time because I was surprised. We were already tired from our 4-day vacation in Kuala Lumpur and we just wanted to go home to Cebu. When we saw this, it gave me the much-needed boost and brightened the remaining hours of the day.

showing the magazine to the attendant

I had to show the picture to a complete stranger and shared it with the attendants at the bus station who were also skeptical if that was really me in the picture – it was small but I can’t forget that pose because that’s actually my profile picture in Facebook.

I took the bungy jump a month prior to the publication so it was such a treat that they included my picture there. Makes me wonder how it would be like if I were featured or I would be writing for a travel magazine. That will probably be the day.

ontravelmalaysia ontravelmalaysiaed

Anyway, enough of the drama. Will be posting my Malaysia entries soon!

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17 thoughts on “Picture on a Travel Magazine in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia”

  1. Wow. I dunno but reading your post made me smile. Parang ako si Edcel. Parang sumapi ka sa akin LOL 😛
    I think the travel magazine feature na full will be next. I can feel it 😀 Sana makapagtravel di tayo abroad soon. May sale AirAsia maya o :))

  2. @doi: amaw. natimingan lang. hehe

    @peter: haha. was happy enough to see it. that's good enough for me.

    @mica: haha, ba't naman sumapi? hahaha. yep, airasia. inaabangan ko ngayon. hehe

  3. @pusang-kalye: the guys in Macau are probably the ones who submitted the photo to the mag. i'll complain if it came from my camera. thanks. hehe

    @EJ: sikat ba gud? hehe

    @lily: level up or down? hehe thanks lily!

    • @pinoy boy: haha, indeed it was. the magazine was free so i didn’t bother and i didn’t also know where to go for that. hehe. I’m checking out your trips in BKK and Cambodia nowadays — can’t wait for January! thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. You already! How do you handle fame? 😉
    Anyway, I'll be spending 2 nights in KL in Feb (en route to Nepal). Any cheap accommodation recommendation? I'll be there just 1 night each (going to KTM and back). 


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